Mamiya DM40 Large-Sensor Medium Format DSLR Camera

Mamiya DM40 Large-Sensor Medium Format DSLR Camera

Mamiya DM40 DSLR Camera Medium Format Digital SLR Camera Updated Review Dec 17, 2010 The Digital Mamiya DM40 System Camera is an upper-end adaptable medium format digital camera . The DM40 sports a 40 megapixel image sensor, and the upshot is that when mated with excellent optics, exquisitely featured image files are created. The large 44 x 33mm image sensor, joined with an 16 bit/channel range of colors, presents exceptional color exactness and deep 12-stop high dynamic range captures images in one single shot. The flexable back has an 80 to 800 ISO range, and sports a 6 x 7cm touch screen LCD.

The focus ring that on the Sekor AF 80mm f/2.8 D Lens which is included with the camera, features quick single-touch selection of manual or autofocus mode. The cover of the lens barrel is created of turned aluminum and coated with black alumite. A focusing ring made of rubber allows for easy, fast manual focusing. The 80mm f/2.8 D Sekor AF features a 16 bit CPU which provides simple upgrading of firmware, and allows for finer lens quality correction and more reliable, faster communication between the camera body, lens, and digital back. Every one of the Mamiya 645 optics are harmonious with the camera.

The Mamiya DM40 provides for two photographer-selectable shutter systems - focal plane or leaf. In bright environments, you can employ one of 3 individual leaf-shuttered lenses (55mm LS-D, 80mm LS-D, 110mm LS-D), providing for high-speed fill flash synchronization or to simply overshadow even the most brilliant ambient light.

There are other Mamiya robust software options for the 645 imaging system. There is the flexibility of administering files using one of two included software programs: Leaf Capture or Capture One by Phase One. Adobe Lightroom can also be used (not included) to manage RAW files. All in all, This camera is an incredibly modular system that allows for the greatest in versatility. The digital back may be employed with the Mamiya RZ or even a view camera using alternative adapters.


Large 44 x 33mm 40 Megapixels CCD sensor with a 16 bit/channel color palette.

Two user-selectable shutter systems - focal plane and leaf, with 3 leaf-shuttered lenses (55mm LS-D, 80mm LS-D, 110mm LS-D) - allow for high-speed flash synchronization.

Change ISO, manage folders and individual files, check histograms and review important shooting information on a bright, large, 6 x 7cm touch screen display. T.

The included Sekor AF 80mm f/2.8 D utilizes a 16 bit CPU that allows easy firmware upgrading, finer lens characteristic correction and faster, more reliable communication between the lens, camera body and digital back.

There is the flexibility of processing files using either of the included software solutions: Capture One by Phase One or Leaf Capture. You can also use Adobe Lightroom (not included) in order to process RAW files.

By using optional adapters, the digital back can be used with a view camera or the Mamiya RZ.


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Price $ 21,990
Sensor size 44 x 33mm
Camera Type M645DF
Resolution 40 megapixels
7360 x 5562
LCD 3.5" (6 x 7cm) Touchscreen
Sensitivity ISO 80-800
RAW file attributes File Type : Leaf Mosaic HDR-type
Color Depth : 16 bits/channel
Dynamic Range : 12 f-stops
RAW file compatibilty Capture One
Leaf Capture
Adobe Lightroom (v2 or newer)
Adobe Photoshop (CS4 or newer)
Storage CF Card (Portable Mode)
FireWire 800 (Tethered Mode)
Optional Camera Interfaces Mamiya ProII, ProIID
4x5 Graflock
Compatible lenses

Fully compatible with Mamiya AF focal plane series lenses
Compatible with Mamiya 645 MF lenses without adapter (stop down mode)
Compatible with Hasselblad V-series lenses (stop down mode via optional Mamiya #310-244 adapter)

Camera Includes

Mamiya DM40 Digital Camera System (Focal-plane or leaf Shutter)
Mamiya 645DF Camera Body
Front Body Cap
Rear Body Cap
6 x AA-size Batteries
Sekor AF 80mm f/2.8 D Lens
Front Lens Cap
Rear Lens Cap
Lens Hood
DM40 Digital Back
Battery Charger
Software DVD-ROM
FireWire Cable
2-Year Camera Body Warranty
1-Year Lens Warranty
1-Year Digital Back Warranty

Press Release

Mamiya DM40 Large-Sensor Medium Format Images

Mamiya DM40 DSLR Camera

Mamiya DM40 Large-Sensor Medium Format DSLR Camera

Mamiya DM40 Medium Format DSLR Back View
Mamiya DM40 Large-Sensor Medium Format DSLR Camera Back View

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