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The great thing about Lomo Photography is there's no need to continually make adjustments to get that perfect landscape or portrait picture. With regards to Lomography is that it's all about is the creation of photographic amusement, its those random, funny, and typically accidental images that make for the greatest Lomographs. If you are into perfecting every photograph and rendering every detail precise, well Lomo isn't going to be your bag. Shoot straight from the hip, over your head, or even behind you and anywhere else. Have a good time shooting and you'll have a super outcome with the wonderful Lomo Photography world!

Diana Landscape shot with Diana F and 38mm Lens
Landscape Scene captured with a $40.00 Diana F plus a $30.00 38mm Lens

Lomography is trademarked by Lomographische AG, Austria creating photography products and services. The LOMO LC-A a 35mm camera used a unique lens which created massive distortion along the frames of the image although keeping the center sharp.

Diana 38mm Lens

The Lomography emphasis is about casual, snapshot photography. Mishaps like lens artifacts over-saturated colors, and exposure defects become relegated to producing swirling, abstract effects, a characteristic emphasized by Lomo shooters. Others use the style to document daily life, because the camera is sucha a small size with it's capability to shoot in poor lighting encourages candid images, and photographic realities. 

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Lomography Medium Format Camera Lenses

Lomography 20mm Fisheye Lens for Diana+ & Diana F Camera

Lomography 38mm Super Wide Angle Lens for Diana+ Camera

Lomography 55mm Wide Angle Lens & Dedicated Close-Up Lens for Diana+

Lomography 110mm Telephoto Lens for the Diana Series Cameras

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