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Horseman 4x5 Woodman Wood Field Camera
Horseman 4x5 Woodman Wood Field Camera

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Flatbed cameras are often referred to generically as field cameras, flatbed cameras are light and portable enough to carry anywhere. In a flatbed camera, the two standards travel on a rectangular framework or "bed." The frame usually consists of a dual telescoping track that allows you to easily adjust the lens-to-film distance. Most flatbed cameras can be folded up into a compact, self-contained box for carrying. Potential limitation of field cameras is that not all of them accept interchangeable bellows--a major drawback if you work with very wide-angle


Medium Format Cameras

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A large number of medium format professional cameras are "system cameras", meaning they have a variety interchangeable components. Somewhat similar in flexibility to a majority of 35 mm SLRs, these medium format cameras generally accept different lenses, and additionaly it is somewhat normal for medium-format camera systems to corroborate with different winding mechanisms, viewfinders, camera backs and viewfinders. This adaptability is one of the foremost benefits of medium format in photography. Updated Review  Dec 18, 2010
Toyo Field 810 MII  light-weight folding 8x10" field camera

Toyo Field 810 MII Only Toyo can combine the 8x10" large format film size with an all metal body and put it in a package suitable to be used in the field. The Toyo Field 810 MII is a light-weight folding 8x10" field camera with all metal alloy construction and format reducing capability to 5x7" and 4x5" formats. • Independent locks on all movements, reversible 8x10 back and a pro-black matte finish. • Accepts many Toyo Modular system accessories, including interchangeable wide-angle bellows, backs and viewing accessories. See Index - Large Format

Wista 810DX Cherrywood  8x10 Field Camera

Wista 810DX Cherrywood  8x10 Field Camera. The Wista Field 810DX is compact and light enough to allow the nature photographer to take advantage of this big film size. The body of the Wista Field 810DX is constructed entirely of seasoned Cherrywood to ensure strength and beauty, and to eliminate the possibility of warping. The hardware is brass and the corners are skillfully joined with durable tongue and groove joints. The hardwood and brass give the DX beauty and life-time durability. Made in Japan - . 

4x5 Field Cameras
Gandolfi - 5 models. <b>Gandolfi</b> - 5 models. See Index - Large Format
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Horseman 4x5 Woodsman Field Camera. Horseman, renowned for its metal bodied field cameras, is proud to introduce its first wooden body camera, the affordable Woodman 45. Combining the beauty and warmth of a hand-crafted wooden body with the technical movements of view camera, the Woodman 45 is appropriate for many field applications. Constructed entirely of cherry wood to ensure strength and beauty, its design virtually eliminates warping. The hardware has a satin chrome finish with skillfully joined corners which combines to give the Woodman beauty and lifetime durability. The compact, easy-to-set-up body, accepts Linhof standard lens panels that give you a tremendous choice of lenses. Plus, full swing and tilt functions meet all artistic demands. • Cherry-wood body • Lightweight construction • Folds to a very compact package • Accepts Wista or Linhof Technika-type 96 x 99mm lensboards • Graflock back accepts Horseman 6x7, 6x9 and 6x12 rollfilm holders, as well as other international accessories Includes convenient carrying strap. See Index - Large Format

Linhof Field Cameras - 2 models at B&H Photo Video

Linhof 2 models. The Linhof Master Technika "Classic" comes with wrist strap, folding focusing hood and groundglass grid screen. It does not include the lens, lensboard, grip, fresnel lens or viewfinder!

It is a technical baseboard rangefinder focusing capable camera of the highest quality with a sturdy die-cast body that closes to compact dimensions. The ideal large format system for handheld rangefinder-focused action shots, and for deliberately composed studio or location subjects. Built-in couple-able precision long-base dichroic rangefinder, triple extension drop bed, ratcheting lift lever for front standard rise, International Graflock spring back with revolving swing frame. Lift-up flap on top of camera housing for increased wide-angle efficiency. Removable top finder shoe with additional tripod socket underneath for positioning the camera upside down, facilitating lens drop.

The rangefinder can be coupled by the Linhof service center to focal lengths 75mm-360mm.

    • Built-in triple extension allows 15.7" of extension.

    • Extra tripod socket (hidden beneath top shoe) allows mounting of camera upside down, simplifying lens-drop.

    • Optional optical Multifocus(75-360mm) Finder allows for quick composition and handheld shooting.

    • Omni-directional swing back for extension of swing/tilt movements and perspective corrections.

    • Revolving back with locks for horizontal/vertical images.

    • 75-360mm lenses may be rangefinder-coupled, 75mm with limitations, other focal lengths groundglass focusing only, 55/58/65mm extreme wide-angle lenses require focusing adapter #002555/lensboard #001005. Front standard accepts all lenses with a maximum rear diameter of 83mm.

    • Front rise can be used as drop when camera in mounted upside-down, and some drop can be had with the camera in the normal position by dropping the bed and bringing the front standard back to vertical.
NOTE: If a cam is installed, before using the 3rd notch (lowest position) on the drop-bed, remove the cam or it might bend. See Index - Large Format
Toyo-View Field Cameras - 4 models at B&H Photo Video

Toyo-View - 4 models See Index - Large Format

Walker Titan SF 4x5 Field camera

The Walker Titan SF 4x5 Field camera is a combination of traditional field camera design and modem materials and manufacturing techniques. The body is made from high impact ABS plastic, finished with a very durable coating. All fittings are made from stainless steel. This combination of materials makes the camera exceptionally durable and able to withstand the worst that the elements are able to throw at it. The lens tilt is on the axis which means that there will be minimal focus shift when tilt and shift are applied on the front standard, in addition the tilt mechanism can be locked for extra rigidity. Swing movement on the front and the rear are controlled by two clamping levers on both standards with neutral points being found by aligning the plates rather than looking for small marking lines. • Specifically designed around Schneider's Super-Symmar XL lenses • Rear shift movement is available. Rear shift allows a change of perspective without a change of shape in the subject in the groundglass. • The reversible international film back will accommodate all standard film holders and incorporates sliding catches to enable use of the Polaroid 545 film holder. • The focusing screen is a combined focus and fresnel screen with sealed glass cover. See Index - Large Format

Wista Field-45 DX Field Camera models

The Wista Field-45 DX models eliminate the possibility of warping. The hardware is brass, the corners skillfully joined with durable tongue and groove joints. The hardwood and brass give the DX beauty and durability. DX models will accommodate short focal lenses up to 65mm without the aid of a recessed lens board. Most lenses from 120 to 150mm in length, can be left on the camera when transported (mounted backwards!), saving set-up time and space in your camera case. • Rear Shift allows adjustment of perspective without altering the shape of the subject in the groundglass. Simple and compact 12" leather bellows.

8x10 Large Format View Cameras
Arca-Swiss 8x10 Large Format Cameras

Arca-Swiss - 5 models at

Bulldog Self Assembly Camera

See View Cameras

Linhof Kardan GT 8x10 lightweight system camera

Linhof. The Kardan GT 8x10 is a lightweight system camera for studio and location, combining the proven design details of the Kardan range with an innovative monorail and base tilt elements, providing tri-axial camera adjustments to yield yaw-free movements, both with direct and indirect displacements. The modular design concept, in conjunction with the telescoping monorail, guarantees outstanding stability and provides full format flexibility with rapid conversion to 4x5" and 5x7". Special dovetail fittings allow for sliding the entire monorail back and forth freely on the tripod head. • Yaw-free with precise parallel alignment. • Scales for repeat settings and instant depth-of-field calculations. • Center axis swings and tilts for uncomplicated Scheimpflug adjustments. • Parallel locks on base tilt guarantees perfect camera alignment. • Expanding monorail eliminates the need for costly add-on extensions. • Perfect for professionals and advanced amateurs alike. • Convertible to 4x5" or 5x7" format. • Outstanding stability. See Index Large Format

Big brother of the 45GII, the Toyo-View 810GII

The big brother of the 45GII, the Toyo-View 810GII is known as one of the most functional and rigid 8x10's on the market. With a wide range of movements, the 810GII is an integral part of the Toyo G Series modular camera system. It's heavy-duty all-metal construction, easy to operate center tilt design, and precise all geared movements with dual locking system make it the industry standard for quality, function and value. The 810GII features Toyo's 8x10 reversible back with dual bail arm lifters, geared fine focus, geared rise, and geared shift in front and rear, and interchangeable bellows. The modular frame and rail design allows conversion to 5x7 or 4x5 with full compatibility of accessories. 4x5 and 5x7 reducing adapters are also available. A universal and comprehensive system which grows with your professional needs. • Heavy-duty modular system studio camera with precision geared focus, rise and shift • Interchangeable G/GX 39mm monorails • Uses all TOYO G system accessories • Center tilt maintains focus as you tilt • Micro-fine rack and pinion focusing • Geared side to side shift • Geared rise/fall action • Independent locks on all movements. See View Cameras The Calumet 45NXII 4x5 format combines precision controls and full image-control movements with incredible value. It features tried-and-true view camera standards that have made Calumet and Cambo cameras the most popular view cameras in the world for the past 20 years.The 45NXII also features a convenient reversible back for easy format changes from vertical to horizontal and which accept Graflok or International roll film backs. It also is compatible with the Calumet and Cambo accessory system, making the 45NXII adaptable to just about any view camera application. See View Cameras

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