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Epson RD-x1G Rangefinder Camera
Epson RD-x1G Rangefinder Camera

The format of choice among wedding, fashion, and portrait photographers. Medium Format includes all cameras which accept 120 or 220 film sizes. The outstanding attraction of medium format is the superlative image available due to the substantially larger film format and increased image size of the negative or transparency. Because medium format negatives require less enlargement than smaller 35mm negatives to produce the same image size on the print, identical negatives on the same type of 35mm and 120/220 film will produce remarkable different prints. The 120/220 format delivers more resolution, finer grain, an expanded grey scale, and a visually more pleasing image.

The options of switching film backs in mid-roll, interchangeable viewfinders and screens, and the large negative, coupled with technical innovations like TTL/OTF flash control and electronically timed shutter speeds for unparalleled accuracy makes medium format the choice for quality conscious professionals and serious amateurs alike.

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Medium format cameras are available in the following different variations:

Format Exposures With 120 Film Exposures With 220 Film
6x4.5 15 30
6x6cm 12 24
6x7cm 10 20
6x8cm 9 18
6x9cm 8 16