Holga Digital Toy Camera

Holga Digital Toy Camera

Old things are fascinating to the younger generation, especially for those who have had the freedom of expression Vintage, 80s and 90s, Classy back then. Like some of the younger generation love listening to a turntable, they will buy one if they can ignore all the other technical complications.

Holga Digital is in the same vein as the new generation turntable! Just put on the record and play the music. Holga has brought the old good days toy camera back to now! There are four different colors; Black, White, Pink and Mixed, Just choose one fit your desire. The Holga Digital was designed for everyone from the first-time Holga photographer to the seasoned photography enthusiast. You’ll be snapping awesome images in a matter of seconds. There is no need to be messing around with aperture settings, shutter speed, IOS, or white balance. However you have the freedom to experience the unique Holga image style. You can use different lenses or you can even use external flashes on the built in hot shoes.

The thing that made Holga so unique is is the image it produced. The Holga Digital features a high-quality glass optic providing f2.8 and f8.0 aperture settings for different environment and situations. It is unlike any other available digital camera by providing vivid color and dark corners by firmware, Holga creates their image quality by their optics.

The new Holga Digital can use lenses from the old Holga camera and by using a lens adaptor. In this way the lenses can be shared between the old analog Holgas and the new Holga Digital. The new design is a product that follows the Holga analog family heritage. Without an LCD, and no extra settings you can enjoy the purity of photography. However, you can share your images in an instant by using a WiFi SD card The most recognized Holga is the Holga 120N, this analog camera used 120mm film to capture 1:1 ratio square images. This feature is embedded into the new Holga digital, letting you switch between 4:3 or 1:1 ratio without any post-processing and instantly share with your family and friends!

Camera Type Sensor: 1/3.2 inch high dynamic, low noise CMOS color sensor
Resolution: 8 Mega Pixels
Image Ratio: 4:3 or 1:1
Aperture Selection: f/2.8 or f/8
Minimum Distance of Focus: 1.5m to Infinity
Shutter: 1/60s or Bulb
Hotshoe: Standard Hotshoe adaptor
Lenses: Use with standard Holga lenses (with adaptor)
Viewfinder: Yes
USB Port: Micro USB
Memory Type: SD Card (support WiFi SD Card)
Battery: 2 x AA Battery (DC 3V)
Dimensions: L92 x W56 x H73mm
Weight: 100g without batteries
Colors available: Black, White, Mixed, Pink



Holga Toy Digital Camera


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