The Holga 3D Stereo camera

The Holga 3D Stereo Camera

Holga 3D Wide Angle Stereo camera
Medium Format 120 Roll film CameraDescription The Holga 3D Stereo camera is based on the Holga 120PC-3D (Pinhole) body design and takes Holga photography to an all new level of 3D Pinhole Photography. The Holga pinhole 120PC-3D lens less body produces infinite depth of field, meaning that under most conditions, everything is reasonably sharp and detailed. And you can make super-wide and stereo pinhole images that go far beyond anything shot with a standard camera.

Since pinhole is literally the starting point for all photography that followed, the Holga Pinhole is a great tool for stripping photography down to its absolute basics. A tripod and cable release are highly recommended when using the Holga Pinhole, as exposure times will be much longer than those used in "regular" photography.


  • Standard tripod mount (1/4 - 20)
  • Bulb setting
  • One mask for 6x6cm negatives
  • Built-in threaded shutter release button for cable release (not included)

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Specifications Holga Stereo Viewer
Flash No
Hot Shoe No
Bulb Exposure Yes
Tripod Mount Brass
Masks Dual 6 x 6 cm
Batteries No  
Construction Plastic
Warranty Holga warranty

Camera Includes

Holga 120PC-3D Stereo Pinhole Camera
Standard Tripod Mount
Holga Warranty



Holga 3D Wide Angle Stereo camera

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