Holga 193120 120 Wide Angle Pinhole Camera

Holga 193120 120 Wide Angle Pinhole Camera

Holga 120 Wide Angle Pinhole Camera
The Holga 193120 120 Wide Angle Pinhole Camera gives the photographer an inexpensive way to crank out some truly interesting effects. With no lens, this camera can create soft focus images that take on a dreamlike appearance. The pinhole on the front does everything for you. Through the use of long exposures, the shooter can make images with both foreground and background sharp. In addition, colors will be richer.

Desired by art photographers the world over, the Holga Pinhole is reminiscent of the Diana camera of the 1960s and 70s. The characteristic pinhole vignetting focuses the viewer's eye and adds to visual impact. This camera uses 120 roll film for 16 6x4.5cm frames per roll, and comes with masks for both 6 x 7cm and 6 x 9cm images. It is the perfect pinhole camera for classroom instructions, personal image-making, and fine art photos.


No lens - Offers maximum depth of field through extremely long exposures
No focusing required
Nearly unlimited depth-of-field renders both close & distant objects in relative focus
Moving subjects registered as 'blurs' or ghost images
The format arrow on the back of the camera easily slides between 12 and 16 exposures
Mostly plastic, including the lens; extremely small and compact one-piece plastic molded body

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Camera Type Medium format pinhole camera
Film Back/Loading Accepts 120mm film ONLY; Masks for 6x7 and 6x9
Film Type All type 120 mm film (Does not accept 220 film); e.g. Kodak Tri-X 120
Lens Mount Not Applicable; Contains f/135 lens (0.3mm)
Shutter Shutter speed: "B" setting (shutter stays open for as long as you press the button)
Shutter Release Uncoupled advance & shutter release for multiple & partial exposures
Self Timer Not Applicable
Flash Synchronization Not Applicable
Mirror Lock-Up Not Applicable
Exposure Metering Not Applicable
Exposure Bracketing Not Applicable
Exposure Compensation Not Applicable
Depth-of-Field Preview Not Applicable
Viewfinder Non-removable viewfinder
Viewfinder Info No information displayed
Film Transport Wind to next frame
Multiple Exposure Possible by not winding between shots
Focusing System Not Applicable
Power Source Not Applicable
Custom Functions Not Applicable
Data Imprinting Not Applicable
Tripod Mount 1/4" x 20
Dimensions 6 x 3.75 x 3" (15 x 8.5 x 77.5cm)
Weight 6 oz (170g) (approx)
Miscellaneous Bubble level
Cable Release adapter located on shutter release

Camera Includes

Holga 193120 120 Wide Angle Pinhole Camera
6 x 7cm and 6 x 9cm Masks
1-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty

Very good images!, October 6, 2009

By Michael A. Duvernois (Minneapolis, MN United States)

This review is from: Holga 120WPC Wide Angle Pin Hole 120mm Film Medium Format Camera (Electronics)

Tripod and shutter release cables are required. The build quality of mine was better than I had expected. (Holga is best known for light leaks and bad plastics.) I've shot in 6x12 which does show a fair amount of light dropoff, but one can crop after scanning. Personally I've been shooting B&W (Ilford & Kodak Tri-X), developing it in the basement, and scanning it. The camera does come with a 6x9 mask as well. There would be less dropoff in that, more frames per roll too, but you wouldn't have the impressive extent of the image. I've loaded 35mm film into this as well, and exposed it over the sprockets. That's really wide!


Holga 120 Wide Angle Pinhole Camera
Holga 193120 120 Wide Angle Pinhole Camera

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