Holga 120FN Medium Format Camera

Holga 120FN Medium Format Camera

Still retaining all of those fabulous and unique features that make the Holga world famous, the Holga 120FN takes Holga photography to the next level. It is a fun way to enter the world of medium format, and can yield very interesting results. Its fixed-focus 60mm f/8 lens is perfect for creating the pictures Holgas are known for; soft and dreamy, with a slightly wide perspective and a distinct vignetting at the corners of the image. Holga 120FN Medium Format - Left Angle

Black Holga 120FN Medium Format Camera - Left Angle

This version of the Holga includes a built-in flash, which allows you to add some light to images where needed for more creative control. You'll only need 2 'AA' batteries; the shutter is fully mechanical. A window on the back allows you to read the paper on the 120 film, so that you can have 12 6x6cm square images per roll or 16 6x4.5cm vertical images per roll.


Simple, popular experimental medium format film camera
Distinct images with dream-like, vignetted look
Built-in flash
The format arrow on the back of the camera easily slides between 12 and 16 exposures
Mostly plastic, including the lens; extremely small and compact one-piece plastic molded body
Two "AA" batteries required

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Camera Type Medium Format Viewfinder Fixed Focus Camera with Built-in Lens and Flash
Film Back/Loading Accepts 120 mm film ONLY; 6x6 = 12 exposures; 6x4.5 = 15 exposures
Film Type All type 120 mm film (Does not accept 220 film); e.g. Kodak Tri-X 120
Lens Mount Not applicable - fixed lens; Single element 60mm wide angle lens; Min. focusing distance ~3'
Shutter 1/100 sec shutter speed; 2 f-stops, f8 and f11
Shutter Release On camera body
Self Timer None
Flash Synchronization Built-in flash; Does not have flash shoe
Mirror Lock-Up No
Exposure Metering None
Exposure Bracketing None
Exposure Compensation None
Depth-of-Field Preview None
Viewfinder Non-removable viewfinder
Viewfinder Info No information displayed
Film Transport Wind to next frame
Multiple Exposure Possible by not winding between shots
Focusing System Zone focus system
Power Source "Two "AA" type (not included)
Custom Functions None
Data Imprinting Not applicable
Tripod Mount 1/4" x 20
Dimensions Not available
Weight Not available
Miscellaneous Features "Bulb" exposure

Camera Includes

Holga 120FN Medium Format Camera
6x6cm and 6x4.5cm Adapters

Neck strap

I've been shooting with the Holga for more than 10 years. My first experience with the camera was at Rhode Island School of Design where I graduated in 1995. At first it was something fun to do, then I started using it for more important personal projects.  Read more at Dave's Holga Page

A surreal approach to documentation, High Dynamic Range imaging offers a unique look at the concentrated life and energy within a city's structures. Read more at planckstudios


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