Holga 120 TLR and GTLR Medium Format Plastic Cameras

Holga 120 TLR and Holga GTLR

Lomography, which is the home of ingenious analogue shooting, gets you acquainted with the other constituents of the Holga cult family. As you are already aware the Holga is renown for being the all plastic medium-format film camera that generate classic lo-fi images with the shadowy vignetting and erratic light leaks.

Holga 120 TLR and Holga GTLR. Right on the tail of the Fly Blackbird, Holga made a decision to enter the TLR toy camera market and released two new TLR Holgas! Hanging in there with their no-frills naming convention, these cameras are fittingly named the 120 TLR and the 120 GTLR.

Hailing from the Holga cult classic family of medium format plastic cameras, the Holga 120 twin lens reflex type camera aspire to hand over medium-format classic squares combined with the distinctive Holga approach to light leaking, vignetting, and and old--style-school feeling.

Theres only only a single difference from the TLR to the GTLR, the glass lens. The cameras sport a waist level pop up finder which also doubles as a regular viewfinder (even though it's not linked, it solves the horizontal parallex issue!). It also embodies that good 'ol built-in color flash It's certainly an odd looking brutet, and viewing the images, it appears that lens number two is only used for framing, and not focussing (How BBF),

The transparent top viewfinder is helpful in allowing you to precisely frame your shot, while the integral colorflash lets you to smother your shots with an explosion of color! The well-publicized Holga trademark of shadowy vignetting and soft focus square shots is still produced.

Featuring a retro style design, top-down viewfinder, these Holga TRL’s introduce aperture openings of f/8 or f/11, There's shutter speeds of around 1/100 second, bulb mode, plus a built-in included flash including a rotating color wheel, a 1/4-20 tripod mount thread , internal masks for generating sharp borders, plus the Holga’s renowned light leaks plus low-fi although highly artistic images. It uses a pair of AA batteries only for flash operation, which are not included. May 2, 2011 ✓


• Twin-lens reflex style Holga camera
• Clear top viewfinder
• Equipped with the Colorflash system for a burst of colored light, anytime you want!
• Standard tripod mount available
• Includes two frames (6x6 and 6.x4.5)
• Focus range 0.9m to infinity
• B-setting available
• Uses 120 film

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Camera Type Holga twin lens reflex
Film Type 120
Shutter 1/100; bulb
f/stop: f8-11
Self Timer N/A  
Viewfinder Top-down  
Power Source 2 x 'AA' batteries  
Tripod Mount 1/4-20  
Overall dimensions 140x102x76 mm  
Overall weight266g w/o batteries  

Camera Includes

• Holga 120 TLR Camera
• Hand Strap,
• 6x4.5 and 6x6 cm Frame Mask



Holga 120 TLR


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