Holga 120 PC Pinhole Camera

Holga 120 PC Pinhole Camera

The Holga 120 PC Pinhole Camera is tons of fun. This lens-less camera has a tiny pinhole in the front and is operated by pressing the shutter release, holding it open for however long you choose and making long exposures. No focus decisions at all!

Make long exposures at night (several hours) or short ones (1 second) but you must make the decision about how long to keep the lens open. Mount the camera on a tripod and shoot! Black Holga 120 PC Pinhole Camera - Left Angle

 Black Holga 120 PC Pinhole Camera - Left Top Angle

Because of its ability to deliver extensive depth-of-field, the foreground and background will almost always be in focus. Images will be soft with a dreamy, reverie quality about them. Because it uses larger film (120 format), images will be sharper than traditional Holga 35mm pictures.


    • Pinhole Image System
    • Every exposure is long (2 seconds to 30 minutes or longer)Uncoupled Advance and Shutter
    • Shoot one frame and advance or leave it alone and shoot multiple images on the same frame
    • Shoot part of a frame as well - advance film partially Standard Tripod & Thread
    • Fit a tripod on the bottom for long exposures

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Camera Type Pinhole
Film Back/Loading Accepts 120 film ONLY
Film Type All 120 medium format film (color negative, slide, b&w)
Lens Mount Not Applicable; Absolutely focus-free; Approximate aperture: f/192
Shutter "B" setting (shutter stays open for as long as you press the button)
Shutter Release Standard "press" type release
Self Timer Not Applicable
Flash Synchronization Not Applicable
Mirror Lock-Up Not Applicable
Exposure Metering Not Applicable
Exposure Bracketing Not Applicable
Exposure Compensation Not Applicable
Depth-of-Field Preview Not Applicable
Viewfinder Non-removable viewfinder
Viewfinder Info No information displayed
Film Transport Manual advance; Single-action lever; Wind to next frame
Multiple Exposure Achieved by not advancing film to next frame
Focusing System Not Applicable
Power Source Not Applicable
Custom Functions Not Applicable
Data Imprinting Not Applicable
Tripod Mount 1/4 x 20
Dimensions 6 x 3.75 x 3" (15 x 8.5 x 77.5cm)
Weight 6oz (170g)
Miscellaneous Not Applicable

Camera Includes

• Holga Manual with tips on using, maintaining and customizing your Holga
• 6 x 6cm format Plastic mask

Photo Taken on World Pinhole Day. Taken by snapcracklepop with a Holga 120PC loaded with Lomography B&W 100 film in Andover, United States. Read more at Lomography.com
The Holga 120WPC Pinhole Panoramic - Review
Well, I shot my first roll of Ektar 120 earlier this week, and developed it last night with my Nova Darkroom Pro-Speed 41 C-41 Press Kit. The results were fantastic. I can’t wait to shoot more with this little (actually, it’s pretty wide, heh) baby. Read more at The Broken Aperture.

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