Bronica SQ-Ai 6X6 Medium Format Camera

Bronica SQ-Ai 6X6 Medium Format Camera

Bronica SQ-Ai 6X6 Camera Built solid, this camera uses 120 and 220 roll films plus 645, 35 mm, 35 mm Panoramic, and Polaroid backs. Aperture and metered manual exposures are possible with the optional AE prism finder. Centerweighted or spot metering are available with the SQ-i prism finder. Bronica also offers waist-level and non meter prism finders. Shutter speeds range from 16-1/500 sec. plus bulb and time exposures. Other features include mirror lockup, multiple exposures, battery check, and safety locks. 14 Zenzanon -PS lenses with built-in leaf shutters support this camera. They range from a 35 mm fisheye to a 500mm f-8 telephoto including a recently introduced 110 mm f-4 macro. A 1.4X and 2X converters, motor drives, extension tubes, flash brackets, and grips complete the system.
Based on the earlier SQ-A Series, the SQ-Ai is a medium format single lens reflex camera incorporating original Bronica "system" technology which answers the high image technique capabilities expected by the professional photographer. Through years of developing medium format single lens reflex cameras, based on the "system " concept, the SQ-Ai is now the result. The "system" design of the SQ-Ai, which incorporates interchangeable viewfinders, film back, focusing screens and lenses, allows you to create the best system for your needs.
Bronica SQ_B (Basic) is another 6X6 camera offered by Bronica and is sold in a kit only. The kit includes body, 120 back, 80 mm lens and waist-level finder. Note that the SQ-I AE prism finder will not function with this camera.
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  • Type: 6x6cm format lens shutter single lens reflex camera, w/interchangeable lens, film back, finder and focusing screen systems
  • Frame Size: 55.6x55.6mm
  • Film: 120 roll film (12 exposures); 220 roll film (24 exposures); 135 cartridge-loaded film; and Polaroid Land film. (Exclusive film backs for each film type.)
  • Lens Mount: Exclusive four claw Bronica SQ bayonet mount
  • Focusing: Helical focusing system built into each lens
  • Shutter: Electronic control SEIKO #0 between-lens leaf shutter; shutter speeds 16 to 1/500 sec. plus B (bulbs) and T (time); intermediate settings not possible
  • Film Winding Film winding crank; one complete forward revolution or ratcheted winding action
  • Mirror Lock-up: Mirror lock-up possible with switch lever on the side of camera main body for a single or continuous picture taking
  • Multiple Exposure; Multiple exposure possible with switch lever on the side of camera main body
  • Film Back: Daylight loading interchangeable type; exclusive film backs SQ-I 120 (12 exp.), SQ-I 120J (15 exp.) SQ-I 220 (24 exp.), SQ-I 220J (30 exp.), SQ-I 135N, SQ-I 135W and Polaroid Film Back S
  • Finder System: Interchangeable finder system; 94% of actual field of view (remains unchanged with different finders); choice of six optional finders, or Waist-Level Finder S, AE Prism Finder SQ-I, ME Prism Finder S, MF Finder S and Prism Finder S and Prism Finder 45D S
  • Focusing Screen Interchangeable type; standard screen has Microprism/Split-Image
  • Flash Synchronization: X-setting (up to 1/500 sec.); auto-flash control based on direct light measurements at the film plane are possible with optional SCA System Adapter
  • Battery: Four 1.5-volt alkaline-manganese batteries; also powers AE Prism Finder SQ-I, MF Finder S and ME Prism Finder S, when attached. (LR44x4 pieces)
  • Dimensions: 3.6 inches (W) x 4.2 inches (H) x 7 inches (L)(SQ-Ai main body with standard lens, Film Back SQ-I 120 and Waist-Level Finder S)
  • Weight: 53oz (SQ-Ai main body with standard lens, Film Back SQ-I 120 and Waist-Level Finder S)



Bronica SQ ai


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