Bronica RF645 Medium Format Camera

Bronica RF 645 Camera

The Bronica RF645 was introduced in 2000. It's an extremely light and compact 6x4.5cm coupled rangefinder camera system with three interchangeable leaf shutter lenses: 45 mm, 65 mm, and 100mm. Also dedicated flash (RF20) and special polarizer kit.

Bronica Rangefinder 645. A totally innovative concept in a medium-format camera. It is a 6x4.5 film format rangefinder camera with interchangeable lenses. In line with its fundamental design concept, "to deliver the pride and pleasure of owning the camera", the RF645 is a classy camera with features and functional design elements designed to give it the highest level of practicality as a field camera. Bronica RF645: A camera system from Tamron-Bronica for all photo enAs a resultiasts as well as working professionals. Features A Fully Electronic Lens Shutter Unit For Maximum Ease Of Handling Fail-safe Feature To Prevent Film Exposure Design Philosophy Of The Automatic Exposure System Aperture-Priority AE vs. Program AE: Two AE Modes Use of Five-Segment Center-Weighted Average Metering

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Camera Type: Medium Format Interchangeable Lens Rangefinder Camera

Format: 6 x 4.5cm

Lens Mount: Bronica RF bayonet mount

Viewfinder: Real image, dual image superimposing rangefinder, inversed Galilean type

Magnification: 0.6x

info: Shutter speed, shutter speed/exposure, Program, Aperture Priority, Manual, AE Lock, Shutter open, Exposure Compensation, Self-timer Operation, Flash "Ready", Multiple Exposure Warning, Battery Status, Bright frame, Rangefinder Image

Focus Type: Manual helical focusing system

Exposure Compensation 2EV 1/2-stop increment

Exposure Metering 5 segment, center-weighted average metering (Photo sensor positioned inside the viewfinder section); Manual(M), Aperture Priority AE(A), Program AE(P); AE Lock (holds for 5 mins. w/cancel feature); Metering Range EV 3-18 (ISO100) Shutter /Release No. #00 type lens shutter Shutter speed : Manual: 1sec. - 1/500sec (in 1 EV steps); Auto Exposure: 8secs. - 1/100%sec. (in 1/2 EV steps); ISO Range ISO 25-1600 Flash sync X-sync. all speeds

Camera Back Fixed back - manual loading system compatible with 120 and 220 roll film (selectable with switch on pressure plate); Film tab memo holder on back Tripod Socket 1/4" x 20 Self Timer 10 sec.

Back panel button. Cancel feature included.

Remote Control accepts standard mechanical type cable release PC Terminal on camera body (for external electronic flash connection ONLY); Multiple Exposure Multiple exposure possible with button on camera back, instant release, continuous setting possible

Power Source Two CR2 lithium 6V batteries

Dimensions 145.6 x 107.3 x 64mm (5.73 x 4.22 x 2.52")

Weight 180g (1.79lbs) Body only



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