Bronica GS-1 Medium Format Camera

Bronica GS-1 Medium Format Camera

Bronica GS-1 Camera Bronica's 6X7 is a heavy but solid camera featuring 16-1/500 sec shutter speed with mirror lockup, multiple exposures, depth-of field preview and with the optional AE prism finder you can have aperture-priority and metered manual.

Interchangeable backs include 120, 220, Polaroid, and 6X6 and 6X4.5. Data display shows shutter speeds, exposure compensation, flash ready, AE lock with the optional AE prism finder. Film advance is manual via single turn hand crank or with the optional speed grip. nine Zenzanon-PG lenses with built-in leaf shutters ranging from 50 mm f-4.5 to 500 mm f-8 are available. Accessories include grips, bellows, extension tubes, and a 2X converter.

Employing extremely advanced electronics technology, Bronica has combined the functions of a large studio camera with the portability of a 35mm camera. Sophisticated enough for the studio and convenient enough for the field. The GS-1's main body is designed to be as simple as possible. The lens, viewfinder, film back and other accessories work together with the body to make an integrated unit of great versatility. The GS-1 is the first medium format camera that automatically adjusts the flash by directly metering light through the lens off the film plane. It features Bronica's unique electronically controlled Seiko lens shutter, and a flash that is adjustable for all speeds up to 1/500 second. The GS-1's tough body weighs only 1,830 grams, including all the standard attachments, so it's great on location. This portability, combined with state-of-the-art functions that meet the demanding needs of professionals, make the GS-1 a great medium format single lens reflex camera.

  • Type: 6x7cm format lens shutter single lens reflex camera, w/interchangeable lens, film back, finder and focusing screen system
  • Frame Size: 55.6x69.0mm
  • Film: 120 and 220 roll film, and Polaroid Pack Film. (Exclusive film backs for each film type.)
  • Lens Mount: Exclusive four claw Bronica GS bayonet mount
  • Focusing: Helical focusing system built into each lens
  • Lens Diaphragm: Fully automatic instant reopening lens diaphragm: Equal distant aperture scale graduations; half-click stops
  • Shutter: Electronic control SEIKO #0 between-lens leaf shutter; shutter speeds TB16 to 1/500 sec. & A
  • Film Winding: One full rotation, or ratchet winding possible
  • Mirror Lock-up: Mirror lock-up possible with switch lever main camera body for a single or continuous shooting
  • Multiple Exposure: Multiple exposure possible with lever on main camera body
  • Film Back: Interchangeable, Exclusive film backs for 120, 220 and Polaroid Pack Film; with ASA/ISO film speed dial and exposure compensation dial coupled to the finder with built-in exposure meter
  • Finder System: Interchangeable
  • Finder Screen: Interchangeable: Full area matte screen (standard)
  • Flash Synchronization: X-setting only (syncs to all speeds up to 1/500 sec.)
  • Battery: Single 6-volt alkaline or silver oxide battery
  • Dimensions: 106.5mm(W) x 117.7mm(H) x 196.5mm(L) (Main body with standard lens, Film Back and Waist-Level Finder)
  • Weight: 65oz (with above accessories)



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