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Arcia-Swiss RL3d 4x5 Camera
Arcia-Swiss RL3d Large Format 4x5 Camera


ARCA-SWISS released their very first cameras during the 1950s, and they soon created a reputation for being precise and flexible. Engineered for stability, modular design, and easily transportable, these cameras were equally proficient at studio and field work. Ansel Adams employed a camera made by ARCA-SWISS near the last part of his long photographic livelihood. Original Arcas were built to the highest quality standards, while many still being used by professional and amateur advanced photographers today.

The original models were manufactured throughout 1984, which consisted of a Model A (featuring axis tilts); the Model B (sporting base tilts); plus the Model C (which had both axis plus base tilts.) These Arca cameras feature spring backs; while the 4x5 has compatibility with the Polaroid 545 & 405 holders, and also most of the "slide-in" roll-film backs. Although Graflock backs cannot be used, a Graflock which had a compatible back was made available as an aftermarket accessory. Also ARCA-SWISS manufactured a large number of specialty cameras, which included rare panoramic. plus medium format and large format single lens reflex versions. ARCA-Swiss manufactures monorail cameras for use in field work in addition to versions for more traditional studio applications. updated article Apr 2, 2011

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