5 Inexpensive Photography Lighting Solutions

1. Light Meters

A light meter measures the amount of available light. In photography, a light meter is typically used to judge the proper exposure for an image. Typically a light meter compose of a computer, either digital or analogue, which lets the user determine the shutter speed and f-number that should be selected for an optimum exposure, for a certain lighting environment and film speed .

Light meters are also utilized in cinematography and scenic backgrounds, as a way to determine the optimum light level for a particular scene. They are utilized in the general lighting field, where they can assist in reducing the amount of excess light being used in the home, outdoor light pollution, and plant growing to determine proper light levels.

2. Light Boxes

In photography, a lightbox has an array of applications. One being a container with a number lightbulbs and a frosted pane of glass on the top. It is utilized by professional photograpers viewing translucent films, like slides. This devices were originally used to make it easy to arrange photographic plates. They are also used by visual artists for referencing images.

Typically, a lightbox utilizes light similar that is to daylight (5,000˚–6,000˚ K), contains uniform strength of light on the glass pane, and has light strength sufficient enough (so as to not strain vision).

3. Diffusers

A flash diffuser broadens and softens the source of light. Soft diffused light diminishes and removes the harsh shadows and intense highlights associated with a direct source of light as the light fluctuates from reflective walls and ceilings and gives your photos a soft, professional and natural look. Diffusers

4. Umbrellas

The umbrella is a cost saving lighting tool that is quick and simple to use. Typical umbrella uses are portraits, although not the only use.

Because of the cost and the ease of use, many photographers that must set up and relocate a lot during a shoot enjoy the umbrellas convenience. Umbrellas

5. Flash Brackets

A big advantage of a flash bracket us that it can be quickly removed from the camera and placed on a light stand (under a minute), put it and a camera on a tripod is fast (under a minute), take another flash out of your pocket and you instantly have a two flash system. Have someone hold up a white reflector for fill light and place a second flash high on a second light stand and use it to light hair. Unfold an 8x16 Muslin backdrop, lean it against a wall and you have a system that comes close (no not equal to) a studio portrait system. I have gotten good at this and can accomplish this set up in under five minutes as I am talking to people. Everything folds away and stores in a camera bag and single small light stand bag (the background collapses down to around a 3 foot flat circle).

For Nikon and Canon you can make use of the camera to meter and determine the flash exposure utilizing their i-ttl wireless capabilities (each has their own advantages and disadvantages although both are excellent). It is simply amazing how well this works once you get past the learning curve.  Flash Brackets

Professor Kobre's LightscoopProfessor Kobre's Lightscoop a bounce device for the pop-up flash on most 35mm DSLRs with interchangable lenses, slips over your camera's pop-up flash and allows you to bounce the flash like professionals bounce an expensive external flash. The Lightscoop is the inexpensive answer to natural-looking bounce flash and digital photography lighting.

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