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Lensbaby Control Freak
Special Effects SLR Lens

Lensbaby Control Freak Special Effects SLR Lens Muse Lensbabies - by bending and compressing. For slower moving or fixed subjects, you can lock the lens in place by simply pressing a button located on the focusing collar. You can then proceed to fine focus making use of a traditional barrel focusing ring and calibrate the tilt to position the sweet spot precisely where you need it.

The Lensbaby is a combination between a tilt-shift camera and a bellows camera. The SLR lens can be extended, compressed, and/or bent off-center in any direction for unique effects. It will add a different perspective on the world which is a profound departure from the rigor of digital or even film photography. It grants selective focusing with SLR cameras. Effects such as glowing highlights, blurring and subtle, prismatic color distortions can all be accomplished without software manipulations. The Control Freak comes with the Double Glass Optic, which delivers the sharpest focus within its range. It offers a razor sharp sweet spot, with nominal diffusion at all aperture settings. Also optionally available are the Plastic optic for an ultra-soft and sublime look, the Single Glass for a vintage appearance, or the Pinhole/Zone Plate for softer, dreamier focus photos that are equally sharp from edge to edge.


Composer versions. This affords artists with an almost limitless array of looks and styles to acquire their exotic visions. Selective Focus Control

The lens tubing provides the factor of the Lensbaby which lets you to control the effect that it provides. It can be extended or compressed by simply pulling or pushing the focusing collar located at the end of the Lensbaby. In turn. this controls what is in focus, using fully compressed focusing at infinity and full extended focusing from about 1 foot away. To focus on subjects that are in between these distances, you must partially compress the Lensbaby.

• No electronic communication is available between the camera and the lens. All functions are strictly manual. Automatic light metering is available by shooting in aperture priority mode with numerous pro cameras. Most of the early model Nikon Cameras not compatible.

• The lens aperture may be changed by changing the different size aperture discs. The sheltered magnetic aperture disc system is easy and quick to change apertures. √

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f/Stop Range
2, 2.8, 4, 5.6, & 8
Focal Length
Minimum Focus Distance
12" (30cm)
Filter Size
Lens Elements/Groups
Double Glass Optic
2.5" (6.3cm) [adjustable]
2.25" (5.7cm)
3.7 oz (105g)

Lens Includes
Lensbaby Control Freak Special Effects SLR Lens
Front & Rear Lens Caps
Case with Aperture Discs
Storage Case
1-Year Warranty


Lensbaby Control Freak Special Effects SLR Lens

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