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Lensbaby Edge 80 Optic Lensbaby, announces the latest member to its Optic Lens Swap System, the 80mm Edge 80 This newest optic is congruent with the Lensbaby Control Freak, Muse, Composer Pro, Composer, and Scout and will change any of these lens bodies that bends to a tilt lens providing a selective segment of crisp focus looking through an image. Similar the Sweet 35 Optic, this new Edge 80 includes the Lensbaby 12-blade internal aperture that's adjustable.

The new Edge 80 Optic lets photographers create image quality that is much like some of the better lenses that you will ever shoot with. Like a good lens mounted on the bellows of a view camera, you can make astonishing ‘straight’ photos using the Edge 80 when pointed directly ahead and then, to obtain a different appearance altogether, lithely tilt the camera to conceive a razor sharp sliver of discerning focus thru the image, For additional data, visit the hub for the Edge 80.

The Edge 80 delivers a flat focus field when pointed straight ahead, captures photos that are crisp edge to edge. Then by a tilt of the Edge 80 a photographers can create horizontal, vertical, along with diagonal slivers of focus directly through the image. Objects within the foreground and in the background can both be in focus inside the sliver.. Photographers have the ability to control the slice focus size by adjusting the 12-bladed aperture. For instance, f/2.8 creates a thin sliver of focus with ample blur. f/22 will generate a very wide sliver of focus creating just a hint of blur. The Edge 80 lets photographers quickly and seamlessly adjust the 12-bladed aperture all the way beginning at f/2.8 thru f/22, by simply rotating the dial at the optic front. An incredibly adaptable portrait lens, One can also use the Edge 80 for great effects in any condition that works selective focus from giving la "miniature" appearance to landscapes to food photography. For a better understanding of how aperture, tilt and focus influence the image of an Edge 80. Click here to view the simulator for the new Edge 80 Optic.

Lensbaby - Second Edition: Bending your perspective A complete resource book with everything needed for creating successful Lensbaby images. Bbeautiful portfolio galleries are included covering a complete array of styles from many of the top photographers who worki with a Lensbaby
Do you wish you could learn each of the creative options the Lensbaby provides, then this book is for you! Seeing scenes with a new standpoint is at the core of Lensbaby encounters, and using the indispensable information within this book, you can soar your creative adventures to a higher level. Author Corey Hilz, Lensbaby Guru begins with a synopsis of the lenses in the Lensbaby suite. By adding their Edge 80 to their Optic Swappable Lens System, Lensbaby is providing photographers with yet one more way to control their depth of field creatively. A photographer only needs to buy only a single Lensbaby lens to obtain access to a lens system providing 8 interchangeable lens optics that each provide unique ways for controlling depth of field along with other creative effects which is an unmatched system within the photography world.

Using the Edge 80, now photographers are able to control a flat focus field that can turn into a sliver of crispness through the photo as the lens becomes tilted. Using a Lensbaby Sweet 35, Plastic Optics, Double Glass, and Single Glass, photographers can be in charge of a curved focus field which delivers one area of an image into sharp focus while other portions within that same depth of field fall off into a blur. A Pinhole/Zone plate allows infinite field depth, the Soft Focus optic creates a sharp image featuring a soft overlay running from edge to edge, whereas the Fisheye Optic delivers a 160 degree viewing angle of your scene. ✓

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Lensbaby Edge 80 Optic

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