Lensbaby Sol 45 (Mirrorless)

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Lensbaby Sol 45 (Mirrorless)

Manufacturer description: This fixed aperture lens injects a new energy into images by creating a tack-sharp circular area of focus surrounded by bold blur and smooth bokeh. To achieve this selective focus look, users identify a subject in frame, bend the lens toward it, rotate the focus ring to bring subject into focus and shoot.

Lensbaby Sol 45 (Mirrorless)

The Sol 45 also features bokeh blades to give users even more control over their in-the-moment creative experience. Situated on hinged arms that hide at the edges of the lens, these blades add subtle lines and texture to the bokeh. To use them, simply bring the blades into the lens’s field of view and then rotate them in any direction – horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

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Primary specifications
Lens type Prime lens
Max Format size 35mm FF
Focal length 45 mm
Image stabilization No
Lens mount Fujifilm X, Sony E
Maximum aperture F3.5
Aperture ring No
Elements 3
Groups 2
Special elements / coatings Broadband multi-coated anti-reflective
Minimum focus 0.36 m (14.17)
Maximum magnification 0.17×
Autofocus No
Full time manual Yes
Distance scale No
DoF scale No
Weight 272 g (0.60 lb)
Diameter 73 mm (2.87)
Length 65 mm (2.56)
Sealing No
Hood supplied No
Tripod collar No



Lensbaby Sol 45 (Mirrorless) Announced Aug 7, 2018 Fujifilm X, Sony E
Create unique photos with the Lensbaby SOL 45mm f / 3.5 lens for Sony E-mount cameras. With a tilt of 8.5 °, this lens allows you to easily isolate a subject within the frame and surround it in blur and soft bokeh. The lens also has a center lock that fixes the lens for the dead center focus. Their creative potential is enhanced by two adjustable bokeh blades, which can add light lines or textures to the bokeh. This manual focusing lens is also made of metal and accepts 46mm filters. $199.95
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