Leica Mount Teleconverters at a Glance

Keep teleconverters in mind when selecting lenses for your Leica camera. 2X teleconverters are more popular and powerful. 1.4X teleconverters are more useful and often have less distortion too. 3X teleconverters are rarely used anymore, as they have so much image degrading effect as to be worse than simply enlarging a smaller image. Teleconverters work much better on telephoto lenses (200mm and up) than on shorter focal length lenses and typically work better on prime lenses than on zoom lenses. With a 1.4X teleconverter, you lose a stop of light. So an 135 f/2.8 lens becomes the equivalent of a 190mm f/4. A 200mm f/4 becomes a 280mm f/5.6 equivalent. With a 2X teleconverter, your 135mm f/2.8 becomes 270mm f/5.6 and your 200mm f/4 is a rather slow 400mm f/8 equivalent. You can also convert your 50mm f/1.8 into a 100mm f/3.5 using a 2X. teleconverter  ✓

Teleconverters for Leica Cameras
Komura 2x Teleconverter For Leica M and Screw Mount
Komura 2x Teleconverter For Leica M and Screw Mount
  Includes Matching Variable Viewfinder L39-M Adapter Ring Caps Case


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