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Leica M9 Digital Rangefinder Limited EditionThe Leica M9 camera is the first digital rangefinder in the world with a 24 x 36 mm full-format sensor . As the utmost full-format compact system camera in the world, the M9 expands the renowned tradition of the Leica M rangefinder System and brings together more than 50 years of unbroken technical progress to the one system with the finest in advanced digital technology [g index]

 By combining a winning super high-resolution image sensor, better quality operation of Leica M lenses, refined dispensation of the stored digital data assures the finest imaging outcome in all photographic environments. With its vast technical functions, the camera adapts to all areas of photography - from available light' to information seizure of prudent and fine-art photos equally. The M9 is the epitome tool for any photographer that requires the utmost criterion in photo quality and the freedom to create works of art. 

The CCD image sensor is 18 megapixels, explicitly developed and designed for the Leica M9 camera, makes it possible to capture full 35-mm film format devoid of concessions. All M lenses attached to the Leica M9 consequently provide an identical angle of view to the 35mm film camera, allowing for the enormous capability of the existing M lens collection with focal lengths ranging from 16 to 135 mm is currently totally available for the first time ever for a digital camera . Additionally, the majority of Leica M lenses manufactured after 1953 can still be mounted on the latest M9. Leica Camera AG yet again substantiates their pledge to complete system compatibility and to the durable significance of the M series

The M9 sensor introduces a newly created glass cover fabricated to suppress infrared light in no-nonsense photography, eliminating the obligation to mount special UV/IR filters.

Paying attention to basics, and its straightforward treatment is a major characteristic of the Leica M approach. The Leica M9 handling has additionally been made better by simplifying the menu navigation: for example, setting the sensitivity simply involves holding ISO button down while turning a dial to choose the desired setting at the same time. All other functions essential everyday occurrences are quickly and without effort available by pushing the set button. In addition, the menu also features a snapshot profile function. In the sensitivity mode, as many features as viable are set by the M9 automatically and provides a worthy aid to spur-of-the-moment and prudent photography. The M9 also recognizes lenses automatically via 6-bit coding. Based of the coded details, the M9 can counter-act for any lens vignetting consequences inherited by the system (dark corners on the image).

Even with the significantly larger image sensor, Leica was triumphant in creating a body similar to the typically smaller size of M cameras for the M9. With its compact measurements of only 5.47 1.45 3.15 inches) the camera preserves the perfect size of the M series and consequently the smallest digital full-format system camera in the world.

As an effective tool for professionals a determined amateur photographers, all functions and features of the Leica M9 are built for unconditional dependability and continued existence. The all-metal case is made in one-piece from high-strength alloy magnesium. furthermore, solid bras blocks are machined for the bottom plate and top deck providing ideal protection for the valuable inner mechanisms. The shutter assembly and digital components of the M9 are equally constructed with the utmost staying power available. For photographers, this creates absolute reliability for years of use.

As of October 2010, there are thirteen (MILC) cameras available from four manufacturers (Olympus, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony), (three from Olympus, four from Panasonic, two from Samsung, and four from Sony), and some similar cameras from other manufacturers (Leica, Ricoh).

A handful of rangefinder cameras support interchangeable lenses. Three digital rangefinders exist, they are the Epson R-D1 (APS-C-sized sensor), the Leica M8 (APS-H-sized sensor), both smaller than 35 mm film rangefinder cameras, and the Leica M9, which is a full-frame camera. Leica M9 -  Dec 14, 14/2010 ✓

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