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A True Ultra Fast Wide-Angle Lens

Leica 35mm f/1.4 Summilux-M Manual Focus Lens A flexible first rate wide-angle aspherical lens that delivers the sharpness, high contrast rendition and resolving power trait of the Leica stable of lenses.  Compared with the previous Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4 it now encompasses a floating element plus the lenses sitting in back of the aperture blades have been assembled as a floating cluster that adjusts its position dependent upon the front lens unit while focusing to make sure that it attains equally superior imaging performance at close in focusing positions. When the lens attached to an series M camera, the dream of the photographer becomes reality. The big f/1.4 aperture opens up creative opportunities for portrait work, landscapes and low lighting shooting conditions.

Even with the aperture wide open the lens uncovers performance personality without prior precedent in the domain of 35mm camera lenses: absolutely superb imaging performance throughout the full focus range, all the way from infinity down to minimum focus; There's excellent image contrast, down to the most superb edifices; terrific rendition of aspect across the total image field; excellent field flattening and, when stopping down to f2 or more, virtual total freedom from the effects of coma. It's virtually impossible to enhance this remarkable optical accomplishment by stopping down.

As a true ultra fast wide-angle lens it is exemplified by outstandingly bright contrast, splendid resolution and detail interpretation, along with being virtually free from coma. A complex optical engineering feat featuring an aspherical surface which creates a quality images that are unrivaled in compacted 35mm camera lenses, even at while at full aperture.

An f/1.4 lens is not usually as efficient as the same manufacture's f/1.8 or f/2 lenses, even when both are stopped down to f/5.6. the lens with the wider aperture is heaver and more expensive, so don't choose it as your standard unless you are planning a great deal of photography poor light conditions. There' plenty of reasons for using a wide aperture, but avoid buying a lens with an aperture wider than you need.

Leica lens new updated "6-bit" coding

This Leica lens features the new updated "6-bit" coding, that allows the M digital camera to optically read this information and then identify the lens being mounted. Optionally the M camera can then apply a software based "last stage" vignetting adjustment (for images captured in RAW, the lens mounted is simply recorded, with no changes made). Read more  May 7, 2011 ✓

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