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Fujifilm FP-100B 4x5 instant film

Fujifilm brings 4x5 instant black-and-white film to US

FP-100B Black and White

As the last stock of Polaroid peel-apart instant film runs out, Fujifilm is stepping in with a replacement for large-format photography. Fujifilm is finally making its FP-100B 4x5 instant film available in the United States. It has been available throughout the world, but due to copyright issues with Polaroid it was not available here. With Polaroid out of the picture, Fujifilm is free to sell their instant products in the U.S.

FB-100B is a peel-apart panchromatic film designed for large format cameras that accept instant film backs. The film is primarily designed for proofing for professional and commercial photographers. Image area is 3.5x4.5, and images are fully developed in 30 seconds. The film is available in 10-sheet packs which are currently available for under $29. While Fujifilm offers a 4x5 PA-45 Pack Holder ($205), the film is also compatible with Polaroid's 550 back—which, used, costs about the same as a new Fujifilm Pack holder.
Valhalla, NY – FUJIIFLM U.S.A., Inc today announced the availability of Fujifilm FP-100B 4x5 black and white peel-apart sheet film to the US market. Used by many professional and commercial large format photographers, the availability of FP-100B 4x5 instant film provides a practical proofing and testing solution to check light, depth and overall composition when shooting.

“Fujifilm recognizes that there is a need for black and white instant 4x5 film in niche markets such as large format imaging,” said Kayce Baker, director of marketing, Pro Markets, Imaging Division, FUJIFILM U.S.A, Inc. “As long as there is a need in the U.S. marketplace for instant film, Fujifilm hopes to supply it.”

Fujifilm FP-100B 4x5 instant film is a positive, “peel-apart” panchromatic material designed for camera back-incorporated photographic equipment and cameras that accept instant film packs. Because of its sharp and precise image quality, the film is ideal for professional and commercial applications of all kinds, particularly those that require highly magnified images.

FP-100B 4x5 instant film includes features such as:
• Develops instantly in 30 seconds.
• Rich gradation, fine grain, and exceptional resolution.
• Performs well in various lighting conditions.
• Produces glossy finished photos with an image area of 3.5” x 4.5”.
• Available in 10 sheets per pack, MSRP $42.40.
• Requires use of the Fujifilm 4x5 Pack Holder – PA-45.

Since first introducing peel-apart type instant films to the United States in 2003, Fujifilm has expanded their line-up of instant film products. Most recently, Fujifilm has brought two instant camera systems to the US market from Asia: a consumer model, the Instax Mini 7S camera and Instax Mini instant film which was announced last week, and the professional grade Instax 200 camera and Instax Wide Format instant film announced last fall. The company’s ongoing commitment to the culture of photography is a global, corporate commitment that is a key part of how Fujifilm contributes to the quality of life for people worldwide.

Fuji announces ISO 3000 peel-apart instant film

As Polaroid film production winds down, Fujifilm is boosting its lineup of peel-apart instant films with the introduction of FP-3000B Professional. A fine-grain, high-speed black-and-white film that completes development in 15-30 seconds, FP-3000B comes in 3.25x4x25-inch sheets and fits into a standard Polaroid back. Fujifilm peel-apart instant films, which come in black-and-white and color in 3.25x4.25-inch and 4x5-inch packs and are compatible with Polaroid film backs and cameras, were recently introduced into the U.S. market.

For details, read the Fujifilm UK press release:

Fujifilm FP-3000B film

New instant film from Fujifilm - A film designed to be used in the scientific and medical industries can now be bought and used by you.

Fujifilm Professional has added a new film to its range. FP-3000B is a fine grain, high speed, black and white, peel apart instant film.

This 3000 ISO film was initially designed to be used in the scientific and medical industries. FP-3000B is also now a popular choice for cinematographers and creative photographers. It is easy to use and has a very short development time of just 15-30 seconds.

The film offers exceptional image quality plus superb tonal range with improved highlights. FP-3000B incorporates Fujifilm's own Sigma Crystal emulsion and a new physical development accelerator for the shortened development times, and fine-grain and smooth image quality enhancements.

"We have noticed a significant rise in interest in our range of professional instant films since the discontinuation of Polaroid's instant film products," commented Fujifilm Professional's Jerry Deeney, "The release of FP-3000B further bolsters the range of instant stock which also includes FP-100C Gloss, FP-100C Silk, FP-100B and FP-100C 4" x 5". The 4" x 5" 10-sheet pack film fits into a Fujifilm PA-45 back or a Polaroid 550 pack back."

FP-3000B comes in packs of 10, with each sheet sized at 3.25" x 4.25" and fits into a standard Polaroid 3.25" x 4.25" back.

Fujifilm instant films fit in Polaroid backs

While digital has replaced much of the need for instant film, there are still many out there who treasure their peel-apart instant film and are bracing for the end.

While there is still some Polaroid film in stock, this will change soon, and there are professional shooters whose workflow is in crisis due to the impending extinction.

This is for you.

While Polaroid is fading away, Fujifilm has for years produced instant films that have been widely available in other parts of the world. They are now available in the U.S. These peel-apart emulsions are similar (but not identical) to Polaroid and are mostly available in sizes that will fit cameras with 4x5-inch instant film holders. So, if you have a Polaroid camera or a large-format camera with a Polaroid back, you're in luck.

Here's a rundown of the Fujifilm Instant Film choices currently available:

ISO 160 peel-apart color film that fits the Polaroid Quickload and 545 4x5 film holders. The film is optimized for daylight and electronic flash.

• ISO 160 with exceptional image quality
• Excellent results with low light/long exposures
• Single sheets individually sealed

ISO 100 Color daylight film available in 3.25x4.25-inch (a bit faster than Polaroid Type 669) and 4x5-inch (similar to Polaroid type sizes, . Its fine grain and rich tonal gradation make it ideal for passport photos, commercial test shots, presentations, ID photos, and direct printing.

• Exceptional image quality and color reproduction.
• Superb tonal gradation from highlights through shadows.
• Wide applicable temperature range.
• Enhanced resistance to light-induced discoloration.
• Photos can be laminated.
• Available in 3.25 x 4.25 and 4 x 5 formats 10 sheet packs.

ISO 100 Black and white panchromatic film, ideal for ID photos, commercial proofs, medical and scientific applications. The film pack measures 3.5x5.25 (similar to Polaroid type 664) and fits Fuji FP-14 and FP-12 instant cameras.

• Convenient 30-second development time.
• Rich gradation, fine grain, and exceptional resolution.
• Outstanding film handling characteristics.
• Performs well in various lighting conditions, including tungsten lights.
• Available in 3.5 x 4.25 format, 10 sheet packs.

ISO 3200 Black and white panchromatic peel-apart film (similar to Polaroid type 667) with rapid 15 second development time. The picture size is 3.25 x 4.25 inches and the film pack measures 3.5x5.25 inches. This film is designed for identification and photomicrography applications.

• Rapid 15-second development time.
• Rich gradation, fine grain, and exceptional resolution.
• Outstanding film handling characteristics.
• Performs well in various lighting conditions, including tungsten lights.
• Available in 3.5 x 4.25 and 4 x 5 formats 10 sheet packs.