Cross Screen & Prism Filters

Cross screen

Photo by Alan Findlay Alan has two sites full of remarkable images. Findlay's Photos The Photography of Alan Findlay. A cross screen filter, also known as a star filter, creates a star pattern, in which lines radiate outward from bright objects. The star pattern is generated by a very fine diffraction grating embedded in the filter, or sometimes by the use of prisms in the filter. The number of stars varies by the construction of the filter, as does the number of points each star has.

Cross Screens add a dramatic four, six or eight-pointed flare to light sources giving a soft-focus effect. ldeal for photographing highly reflective surfaces such as water, glass or metal. Bright night city-scenes, festive lighting and sunlight on water are particually well suited for these filter

B&W Cross Screen Filters

4x Cross Screen 684 Star Effect Glass Filter The star patterns created around light sources by star screens are not spread out as colorfully as those created by Spectra attachments. Instead, their colors are less pronounced. The rays begin right at the light sources, they are very long and they are most effective when they are not vertical and horizontal, but at an angle of approximately 45 to the vertical axis.

6x Cross Screen 686 Star Effect Glass Filter The star pattern produced by this screen is similar to that of the previous one, except that it generates 6 beams from light sources and reflections at an angle of 60 to one another. Here too the light rays ema -nate right at the light sources,

8x Cross Screen 688 Star Effect Glass Filter Like two 4-beam star screens superimposed at a rotational angle of 45, this star screen generates eight star beams.

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