Bower Filters

The Bower Corporation was established in 1949 by Saul Bower

In it's half a century existence the Bower name has become synonymous with quality products at affordable prices. Bower offers a vast selection of photographic accessories such as lenses, adapters, filters, light flashes and tripods.

Bower Lens Filters
Protection Filters

Ultraviolet (UV) A UV filter is the best available protection for the front element of your lens. A lens that accidentally gets dropped on its front element while hiking can potentially be saved by purchasing this item. Some people refer to them as "cheap insurance". Aside from that more-than-significant benefit, UV filters cut through some of the haze in the atmosphere rendering your photos clearer, sharper and more contrasty. For those who enjoy outdoor photography, especially distant vistas, a UV filter can produce a more distinct image by removing much of the blue tint normally associated with atmospheric haze.

Polarizing Filters

Circular Polarizer. Polarizer filters give you several key creative features. They evenly increase color saturation of all colors (except black and white), creating deep, rich scenics. They add contrast for dramatic skies and ariel shots. They eliminate the whitish glare from highly reflected surfaces like glass and water. Polarizers are two-part lenses that rotate, allowing you to select the degree of additional saturation, contrast and glare reduction desired.

Filter Kits

Bower Filter Kits. Professional 3 pcs UV, CPL and ND4 Digital Hi Resolution 52mm filters set UV filter protects your camera lens and provides correction for UV light Circular Polarizer filter increases color saturation, removes unwanted reflections from glass/water Neutral Density Filter ND4 reduces the amount of light reaching the film without affecting the colo Includes filter pouch, 52mm cap with leash

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