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Being able to use an electronic software filter program that allows you insert effects or control or change the image subsequent to it being captured provides a fantastic enhancement opportunity, but if you want to totally take control the decisive images you capture, no one has conceived a substitute for good old optical filters for precision and repetitive control of color balance or special effects in addition to the convenience.

When you filter the light prior to it getting to the lens and striking the sensor or the film plane, there are several important advantages. You are able to match the brightness extent of your subject to the traits of the medium you're capturing it to, and obtain results that are professional quality even when in tough lighting environments. As an example, polarizing filters eliminate reflections on glass, shiny, and water surfaces, although retaining sub-surface factors. These effects are not possible using software filters after the image is already captured, which can only impart filter effects, and not genuine light filtration.  Additionally elimination of uncertainty and ability to see the desired effect immediately, not hours or days later. See more in-depth filter page

Seven Basic Filter Applications for Digital Cameras
  • Lens Protection - Protect your lens from moisture, scratches and damage
  • Correction - Bring the optical correction to a known standard, leaving more latitude for digital effects used later
  • Contrast Control - Ultra Contrast and Low Contrast filters allow your digital camera to capture more shadow detail or lower contrast evenly
Filter Styles and Types
Lens Accessories

Filters by Brand Name
Bower Logo
Bower Filters
 Bower offers a vast selection of photographic accessories such as lenses, adapters, filters, light flashes and tripods.
B+W Logo
B+W Filters

Founded in Berlin in 1947 B+W has succeeded in establishing itself as one of the worlds leading filter manufacturers.
Canon Filters
Canon Filters. Canon filters are available for nearly every EF lens. Whether it's protection from the elements or the effects of a circular polarizer,
Cavision Filters
Cavision Filters. . Cavision designs and manufactures a wide variety of accessories glass and resin filters, and carbon fiber boom poles
Celestron Filters
Celestron, manufactures a wide variety of the last word in optics , including telescopes and interrelated accessories, binoculars, lens filters
Cokin Filters
Cokin Filter System. Cokin Filters are made from CR39. The CR stands for Columbia Resin. It has high abrasion resistance,
Digital Concepts Filters
Digital Concepts Filters Sakar International, Inc. is a 30-year old consumer electronics manufacturer.
Digital Innovations Filters
Digital Innovations makes low priced specialty filters sets for all major brands of cameras .
Hitech Filters
Formerly Formatt
Formatt Hitech Filters are a long-established market leading glass filter manufacturor. (formerly Formatt Filters)
Hasselblad Filters
Hasselblad Filters. Hasselblad filters are manufactured to meet and exceed the most stringent demands on optical flatness and transmission qualities.  designed to complement Hasselbladís lenses
Heliopan Filters
Heliopan Filters. Dyed in the mass Heliopan filters are ground, coated and polished to the very highest German industry optical standards inserted into black anodized precision brass rings t
Formatt-Hitech Filters
Formatt-Hitech Filters. The Best Match for Your Lenses Hitechís state-of-the-art optical resin lets you maximize your lensesí capabilities.  (formerly Hitech Filters) .
Hoya Filters
Hoya Filters Since its establishment in 1941 as Japan's first specialty manufacturer of optical glass, Hoya has diversified into new business areas that exploit the potential of advanced optics.
Kenko Filters
Kenko Filters
Kenko-Tokina has created an adjustable neutral density (ND) filter which may be be varied from ND2.5 through ND1000.
LEE Photographic Filters
Lee Filters. The LEE Photographic Filter System has set new standards for photographers.
Leica Filters
Leica FiltersLeica filters for the Leica M system are made of optically pure glass, parallel plane ground and precisely annealed, so the full performance of the Leica M lenses
Nikon Filters
Nikon Filters The price for Nikon filters is though of course healthy - you know what I mean when you go out shopping them
Opteka Filters
Opteka Filters Founded in 2002, Opteka has very quickly become one of the top manufacturers of converter lenses and filters for digital point and shoot cameras
Polaroid Filters
Polaroid Filters continue the brand's long legacy of superior optical solutions. All their filters are carefully formulated to ensure consistent color and accuracy throughout the entire surface of the glass
Quantaray Filters
Quantaray Filters "Great value for the price and good construction. You can use Heliopan and Hoya polarizers and  see no difference. When used with wide-angle lenses of less than 21mm (62mm filter) you will get dark corners
Rodenstock Filters
Rodenstock Filters
Stringent quality precision machined crafted metal rings to ensure optical flatness. Professional filters for all imaging applications. 
Schneider Optics
Schneider OpticsMost of the glass comes from Schott, the finest German glass manufacturer. Exceptions would be our diopters, prisms and cross screen filters
Sigma Filters
Sigma Filters Sigma's EX DG filters benefit from multi-layer lens coating, developed to counteract the highly reflective characteristic of image sensors. With older style filters, light would reflect off the image sensor
Singh-Ray Filters
Singh-Ray Filters An American maker of photographic filters. They are among the more expensive brands, and have a reputation for high quality and personalized service.
Sony Filters
Sony Filters
Sony high-quality filters bring out the best in your lenses with famous Carl Zeiss T* coating that suppress ghosting and flaring.
Sunpak Filters
Sunpak Filters.
  backed by an extraordinary no questions- asked lifetime warranty. Filters built to our exacting standards so you focus on the image, not on your camera
Tiffen Filters
Tiffen Filters. Tiffen has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of photographic filters for the consumer/professional imaging and the motion picture and broadcast television industries for almost 70 years.

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