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Vivitar V3800N 35mm SLR Manual Focus Camera Early in the 1960s, the Vivitar brand was created to compete with other major camera lens companies. Then Vivitar negotiated with experienced lens engineers and high end Japanese optical lens companies like Kiron Optical to manufacture their lenses. They then carefully positioned their limited line of products with key photo retail shops and swiftly built a name for quality lenses at reasonable prices.

After succeeding with its aftermarket line of lenses, Vivitar added its own 35mm film camera line built by Japanese companies like Cosina. These cameras include the Cosina-manufactures Vivitar SLR plus the rangefinder Vivitar 35ES/EE cameras.  updated article May 13, 2011

Vivitar V3800N 35mm SLR Manual Focus Camera Kit with 28-70mm Lens & Case. The MSRP is $299. Street price $195.00 This is a Pentax K-mount all-manual SLR built on a common chassis known for inexpensive reliability. Some upgrades are evident here from its predecessors, including a self-timer, a depth of field preview and the ability to shoot multiple exposures on a single frame. For anyone taking a class in fundamentals of photography, the Vivitar V3800N is the perfect camera to bring along. This simple, manual 35mm SLR camera employs the time-tested, reliable vertical traveling metal focal plane shutter.

Features: Affordable SLR Camera with a 28-70mm f/3.4-4.8 Zoom Lens, case, batteries and strap. Quick release K type bayonet mount accepts any Pentax K/KA/PKA/KPR bayonet mount lens, including Pentax /A/F/FA series, and many aftermarket manufacturers, and widely available in all ranges.

Easy to use manual SLR camera ideal for the first-time SLR user. Depth of field preview. Multiple exposure capability. Bright viewfinder with split image focusing and three-LED display. Flash sync - Hot shoe with x-contact for flash photography, synchronized at 1/125 second or slower. Film speed range: ISO 12 to3200. Viewfinder displays TTL center weighted exposure metering - Red Plus sign means overexposure; Green Zero mean correct exposure; Red Dash equals underexposure Self-timer with 10 second delay Shutter speeds are set manually from Bulb to 1/2000 Fixed, eye-level pentaprism viewfinder with 92% field of view Flash PC Socket ✓

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