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The Nikon SP rangefinder cameras contended specifically with models from Leica and Zeiss in the 1950s and 1960s. Be that as it may, the organization stopped manufacturing its rangefinder line to focus its endeavors on the Nikon F single-lens reflex cameras, which was successful upon its 1959 introduction. For about 30 years, Nikon's F-arrangement SLRs were the most broadly utilized small format cameras among professional photographers, and in addition in the U.S. space program.

Nikon made many features in professional SLR photography popular, for example, the modular system with interchangeable lenses, motor drives, viewfinders, data backs; integrated lens indexing, light metering; electronic strobe flashguns rather than expendable flashbulbs; evaluative multi-zone, electronic shutter control, "matrix" metering; and built-in mechanized film advance. Be that as it may, as auto-focus SLRs from Minolta and others, became available in the mid-1980s, Nikon's manual-focus cameras started to appear dated.

Notwithstanding presenting one of the first auto-focus cameras, the moderate and cumbersome F3AF, the organization's determination maintain lens compatibility with its F-mount slowed advances in auto-focus innovation. In 1987, Canon announced a new kind of lens-camera interface with its totally electronic Canon EOS cameras along with the Canon EF lens mount The much quicker performance allowed by Canon's electronic focusing and aperture control prompted numerous professional photographers (particularly in news and sports) to change to the Canon during the 1990s.

If photography is either a profession or a hobby, take a look at the Nikon film cameras. The Nikon 35mm film cameras are really good for the probe photographer for a number of reasons. The foremost argument is that photography becomes a quite expensive venture, while anyone who routinely practices photography will quickly let you know. Most Nikon SLR film cameras are not overly expensive for a photographer just starting out. The number two reason is that, although Nikon SLR film cameras are inexpensive, they still deliver very high quality, especially for their price bracket, and give you the benefits in certain photography aspects. Reason number three is that, although these cameras employ film, their photos can still rival or exceed the digital picture quality, and are better suited for those just starting out in photography.

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