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Minolta Maxxum QTsi 35mm Film Camera
Minolta Maxxum QTsi 35mm Film Camera

The Minolta Maxxum QTsi is the easiest-to-use single-lens reflex camera in Minolta's Maxxum product line. It handles and operates similarly to a fully automatic point-and-shoot camera, but provides the picture quality and system flexibility that only an SLR camera can offer. It is a camera you can grow with by adding lenses, flash units, and accessories. The Minolta QTsi features a detachable 35-80mm lens, selectable automatic or manual focus, a built-in pop-up flash with four modes, a self-timer, and TTL-type metering. It also offers programmed autoexposure with an additional five modes for portraits, landscapes, close-ups, action shots, and night portraits. Film transport is automatic as well. A large on-body LCD panel displays exposure mode, battery condition, mode selection, and whether manual focus or autofocus is selected.

In the box, you receive the Minolta Maxxum QTsi body, a Minolta lens and lens cap, an adjustable neck strap, a user's manual, and warranty information. It operates on two 3-volt CR2 lithium batteries, which are sold separately. This camera is covered by a one-year manufacturer's warranty on parts and labor.

If you’re looking for the perfect introduction to AF SLR photography, then look no further than the new Minolta Maxxum QTsi. The QTsi is the simplest and easiest to use Maxxum. It handles and operates just like a fully automatic point & shoot camera, but provides the quality end results and system flexibility that only an SLR camera can offer. Since the QTsi is part of the world-renowned Maxxum AF System, it is a camera you can grow with by adding lenses, flash units, and accessories as your creative abilities develop.


The Advantages of an SLR (single-lens reflex) Camera
The Minolta Maxxum QTsi offers some major advantages over even the most advanced point & shoot compact camera. The first is versatility. The Maxxum QTsi is part of the world-renowned Maxxum system of autofocus SLR cameras, lenses, and accessories. The QTsi can accept any Maxxum or Minolta AF lens, ranging from ultra wide-angle 16mm fisheye to 600mm super telephoto, including zoom and macro lenses. This interchangeable lens versatility enables a quality, diversity, and style of photography that is not possible with any type of point & shoot camera. Additionally, the QTsi can accept Maxxum’s high-power accessory flash units, which provide the extensive and flexible flash coverage that’s also impossible with a point & shoot camera.

Another SLR advantage is through-the-lens (TTL) viewing. You see just what the lens sees. There is no need to make approximate parallax adjustments when framing the image. What you see is what you get. And because you’re looking through the lens, you see the autofocusing as fast as it happens, so you know your subject will be sharp.

A third SLR advantage is higher performance. The Maxxum QTsi has a more sophisticated autofocus and autoexposure system than a point & shoot camera, and this sophistication can be seen in the resulting photographs. Plus, because of the autoexposure system’s greater flexibility, the QTsi can accept the widest choice of 35mm films imaginable (ISO 25 - 5000, print or slide film, color or black & white). There is a wealth of information available on the uses and advantages of different film speeds and types.

The Maxxum QTsi will allow you to expand your photographic capabilities with lenses, flashes, and accessories as your interest in photography grows. It is a camera you’ll want to keep for years to come.

Small Size for Easy Portability
Unlike other SLR cameras which tend to be bulky and heavy, the Maxxum QTsi measures only 5.3 x 3.5 x 2.3 inches and weighs 12 ounces without the battery, making it easy to carry and comfortable to use. The function button layout is designed for quick, positive access by a variety of hand sizes, and men and women alike will appreciate the camera’s smooth lines and good looks.

Complete Ease of Use
The Minolta Maxxum QTsi is very easy to use, even for a first-timer. It handles and operates just like a fully automatic point & shoot camera, but provides the quality end results and system flexibility that only an SLR camera can offer. The design is simple and straightforward; featuring easy to use function buttons, a fully automatic program mode, 5-mode subject program selection, and Maxxum’s unique wireless remote flash control capability. Each time the main switch is turned on, the QTsi is automatically set to fully automatic programmed operation, allowing the user to concentrate completely on the subject and scene.

Continuous Predictive Autofocusing
The Maxxum QTsi features a wide focusing area with a large CCD sensor. This wide AF area makes it easy to maintain precise focus on the main subject even if the subject is off-center in the viewfinder. With moving objects, the QTsi’s continuous autofocusing tracks subject movement, and predictive focus control adjusts the focus between each exposure to maintain image sharpness.

AF/AE Lock
If the photographer wants to take a picture with the main subject outside the focus frame, AF/AE Lock can be used. To lock the focus and exposure on the main subject, place the viewfinder’s focus frame on the subject, then press and hold the shutter-release button partway down. Wait for the focus-lock signal to appear in the viewfinder, recompose the picture as desired, then press the shutter-release button all the way down to take the picture. (NOTE: focus will not lock if the subject is moving.)

Multi-Area Exposure Metering
The Maxxum QTsi automatically sets the proper exposure even in difficult lighting conditions. The multi-segment metering system measures light levels in the subject area in the center of the viewfinder, plus the background area. In doing so, the QTsi is able to analyze subject brightness and bias the exposure accordingly.

Fully Automatic Program Mode
In fully automatic program (P) mode, the Maxxum QTsi analyzes subject movement, distance, and lens focal length, as well as subject and background brightness, then sets the optimum exposure automatically. There are no settings to make. Simply place the viewfinder focus frame on the main subject, press the shutter-release button partway down to activate autofocus, then press the shutter release button all the way down to take the picture. If the light is low, the built-in flash will pop up and fire automatically to provide the proper subject illumination.

Subject Program Selection
In addition to fully automatic program mode, the Maxxum QTsi offers five specialized subject programs; each designated by a separate, easily recognizable data panel icon that illustrates the type of subject or scene for which it is best suited. Subject program selection allows the user to fine-tune the camera’s automatic systems to capture a particular effect or unique image quality.

Portrait Mode is best suited for photographs of people. In this mode, the QTsi favors larger lens apertures, which soften the background so that the main subject stands out.

Landscape Mode should be used when photographing sweeping scenics or people positioned in front of famous landmarks or points of interest. This mode maximizes depth-of-field by favoring small apertures. The QTsi continuously monitors and adjusts the shutter speed to avoid blurring caused by hand-held camera shake.

Close-Up Mode helps capture sharp photographs of small objects such as flowers, and is best when used with Minolta’s 50mm or 100mm AF Macro lenses. This mode selects the optimum aperture and shutter speed combination to capture the subject’s intricate details.

Sports Action Mode favors fast shutter speeds to capture fast action. Continuous AF tracks moving subjects and predictive AF adjusts focus between exposures to maintain image sharpness.

Night Portrait Mode is ideal for photographing a person in front of an illuminated night scene, or at sunset. When used with flash, this mode synchronizes the flash with a slow shutter speed to balance the flash illumination on the subject with the background’s ambient light. Without flash, this mode can be used to capture long exposures of night scenes such as city skylines. Because night portrait mode uses a slow shutter speed, a tripod should be used to prevent camera shake.

Built In, Pop-Up Flash
The Maxxum QTsi features a built-in, pop-up flash (Guide number 39 ft. at ISO 100) which provides coverage for lenses as wide as 28mm. The flash has five modes: Auto, Off, Fill-in (manual fill-flash), Red-eye reduction, and wireless remote. In Auto mode, the flash will pop up and fire whenever needed. For greater flash output and versatility, high-powered Maxxum flash units are available as optional accessories.

Red-Eye Reduction Mode
To reduce the red-eye effect caused by the flash reflecting off the inside of the subject’s eyes, this mode fires the built-in flash several times to close down the subject’s pupils before the exposure flash is fired and the picture is taken.

Wireless Off-Camera Flash Control
The Maxxum QTsi can control off-camera Maxxum 5400HS, 5400xi, or 3500xi flash units without accessory cords or connectors, allowing greater flexibility in flash placement (up to 16-1/2 feet from the camera) and freedom from cable troubles or tangles. Flash control signals are sent from the camera’s built-in flash.

AF Illuminator If the built-in flash is set to AUTO or FILL-IN and the camera detects that the scene is too dark to focus accurately, the flash will automatically fire a short stroboscopic burst to provide the light necessary for the camera to detect and focus on the subject. The AF illuminator ensures precise focusing even in total darkness.

Continuous Film Advance
This action-catching mode advances the film at up to 1 frame per second, as long as the shutter-release button is held all the way down. Autofocusing adjusts quickly and smoothly to maintain image sharpness between each exposure.

The self-timer provides a 10-second shutter-release delay, allowing the user to set up the shot and appear in the photo. A blinking LED on the front of the camera indicates countdown.

Fully Automatic Film Operation
Film handling is quick and easy with the Maxxum QTsi. All you do is insert the film cartridge and position the film leader. The camera sets the film speed (for DX-coded ISO 25-5000 films) then threads, advances, and rewinds the film automatically. Power rewind can be selected at any time.

Full Line of Lenses and Accessories
The Maxxum QTsi is part of the world-renowned Minolta Maxxum System of Autofocus SLR Cameras, Lenses, and Accessories. The QTsi can accept any Maxxum or Minolta AF lens, ranging from ultra wide-angle 16mm fisheye to 600mm super telephoto, including zoom lenses and macro lenses. Other accessories like the Maxxum HS and xi flash units and various camera/lens cases let you expand your QTsi system as your interest in photography grows. 


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