Leica R9 35mm SLR Film Camera

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Leica R9 35mm Film Camera

Leica R9 35mm SLR Film Camera

The Leica R9 35mm SLR is the meticulously handcrafted centerpiece of a carefully conceived system of professional caliber photography. Based on closely coordinated system components, this ultra-high-performance camera can be adapted to specific tasks and situations. With maximum precision, high-grade materials, sophisticated electronics and all the controls in just the right place, the LEICA R9 is designed to help you express your creative ideas .It produces brilliant pictures even in the most difficult lighting conditions - a camera you can always rely on whether it's set for automatic or manual control. You also have the pleasure of working with a thoroughly unique camera. From macro to ultra-wide to super telephoto, Leica R lenses, based on decades of proven performance, will deliver outstanding optical quality whichever capture mode you choose.


  • Leica s manually focusing, 35mm single lens reflex camera with black metal body and easy to find settings are basics for any photographer.

  • The R bayonet lens mount is compatible with all R lenses made since 1965. Camera accepts motorized accessories.

  • The operating mode selector dial locks in place to prevent unintended changes of your selected settings.

  • Flash options allows flash exposures with shutter speeds as high as 1/8000


  • Weight: 790g, less than 28 oz.

  • Dimensions: 158(w) x 101(h) x 62(d)mm or 61/4(w) x 4(h) x 27/16(d)

  • Ddisplay: located on back cover and viewfinder. Among other data, it shows the number of exposed pictures, film speed, exposure correction settings and battery condition.

Shop for the Leica R9 10091 35mm SLR Manual Focus Camera
    Leica R bayonet mount with additional electrical "ROM contacts";

    Copal focal plane, electronic, metallic curtain shutter; 1/8000s to 32s;

    Program, aperture priority, shutter priority, manual exposure modes, and flash;

    Selective (7mm central area), 6-element matrix, center-weighted, and flash TTL center-weighted metering;

    Viewfinder with 0.75x magnification and 93% coverage;

    Ground glass, interchangeable viewfinder screen;

    Hotshoe flash control; 1/250s, TTL-metering; first or second curtain sync; High Speed Sync;

    Exposure compensation from -3EV to +3EV (in 0.1 EV increments);

    ISO range of 25 to 5000, automatic DX film speed recognition (ISO 25 to 12800) with manual overwrite;

    Rear cover LCD showing frame counter, flash readiness, film speed, selftimer operation, and battery condition;

    Film transport by manual lever or via optional Motor-Winder (2 frames/s) or Motor-Drive (4.5 frames/s);

    Batteries: 2 x CR2;

    Dimensions: 158 x 101 x 62mm (width x height x depth);

    Weight: 790g;



 Leica R9 35mm SLR Camera

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