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Holga 135 Plastic 35mm Camera
Black Holga 135 Plastic 35mm Camera - Front

The manufacturer of the Holga camera has created three new versions of their world famous camera in 35mm format. The new models are Holga 135 (Item #167-120), Holga 135PC (Item #168-120) and Holga 135BC (Item #170-120).

35mm Film Rangefinder CameraThe Holga 135 is a standard 35mm camera with similar features to the Holga 120N (item #144120) except that it includes a cable release adapter in the shutter release button.

Holga 135PC Plastic Pinhole 35mm Camera

35mm Film Rangefinder CameraThe Holga 135PC is similar except that in has a pinhole instead of a lens.

35mm Film Rangefinder CameraThe Holga 135BC is the same as the Holga 135 except that it includes an internal mask to create a soft vignetting of the corners or "bent corners" effect.


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  • Holga 135 A Holga with 35mm film
  • Holga 135BC A Holga already made for 35mm film, plastic lens and the same lens mount of the holgas 120 but with 45mm lens. "BC" means "Black Corner, the 135BC model has a built in transparent mask which create a vignetting effect
  • Holga 135PC The pinhole version of the Holga 135 BC
  • Holga 135AFX 38 mm f/3.8 lens with infrared autofocus, automatic film load, built-in pop-up flash and interlock shutter release