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Some film accessory items that come in handy:

Film Cassette Tools

Film cassette openers and film retrievers make it easier to work with film in the darkroom and avoid damage caused by poor handling.

A choice of two styles of CASSETTE OPENERS means no more struggling with the plastic tops on the cassettes. Pops the end caps off the cassette safely and securely before loading onto your film reel.

The FILM RETRIEVER cleverly inserts into your 35mm film cassette and pulls the 'lost' leader out for easy reel loading. No more troublesome fiddling with the cassette.

Film Guard Bag

these bags are designed to protect unprocessed film from harmful X-rays during airport security and customs checks. Lead-lined bags also protect other sensitive media from the low-dosage X-ray machines used in airports around the world. Without FilmGuard, unprocessed film can become fogged or streaked. Use FilmGuard in carry-on luggage, because checked luggage is exposed to high-dosage X-rays.

Prepaid Film Mailer

This Slide Processing Mailer are available for 24 or 36-exposure roll of 35mm film or one roll of 120 film. These mailers are valid until 12/31/2017. Even if your mailer says it expires earlier, it is good until the end of 2017. For amateur E-6/CR 56-compatible 35mm and 120 transparency film only. As of June 2011, this mailer now requires more than 3 postage stamps.

Bulk Plastic Film Cassette

35mm Canisters

A classic way to store or protect one roll of film. These containers with snap tops can be thrown into a camera bag or taped to straps for rapid access.

35mm Bulk Loader

Allows you to load your film on to blank cassettes. In the dark, place bulk film inside loader, then wind film on to cassettes in the light. Uses up to 100' bulk rolls. Use metal or plastic cassettes. 9 simple steps to reloading your own cassettes and saving money.

Film Holder Case

Film Cement

you can save quite a bit by buying in pints rather than those tiny bottles. It works great.

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