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What's Photoshop Elements 10?

Photoshop Elements 10? The Adobe consumer image and video editing collections are now been updated to Elements 10, ushering in a plethora of feature changes, although retaining the trusted style and layout of application layouts. This newest version of Elements assists you in turning day in, day out memories into sensational pictures you'll forever cherish. Effortlessly edit images and make photo innovations using automated choices, share pictures using your social network connections, and view photographs virtually anywhere you happen to be.

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Photoshop Elements 7  7 Photoshop Elements 8  8 Photoshop Elements 9 9 Photoshop Elements 10 10
Quickly find and organize your media
Find specific things in your photos with Object Search      
Tag faces in photos faster using your Facebook Friends list 1      
Find photos of specific people fast with automatic People Recognition  
Quickly find your best photos and video clips with the Auto-Analyzer  
Edit photos in full-screen mode directly from the Organizer  
See the same photos and videos on all of your computers with automatic syncing 1,2  
Get automatic online backup and 2GB of storage1,2 — enough for up to 1,500 photos 3
View your photos from any web-enabled computer 1,2
Easily find and organize your photos and video clips from one convenient place
Organize photos and video clips with visual tags
Make every photo look its best
Simply paint on any of 100 effects, including 30 new options, to enhance areas of your photos      
Create the Orton Effect as well as depth of field and picture collage effects      
Improve photo composition with crop guides      
Instantly unclutter and repair photos    
Match the style of a favorite photo automatically    
Recompose your photos to any size without distorting key subjects  
Create perfectly lit shots with Photomerge technology  
Preview a range of adjustments before choosing the best one  
Get ongoing how-tos with helpful tips and tricks 1,2  
Whiten teeth and make skies bluer in one step  
Create stunning panoramas  
Edit raw image files for the highest quality results  
Create great group shots with Photomerge technology
Fix red eye and improve skin tones with one click
Make and share creations that reflect your style
Give photos and creations added flair with text that curves or loops in any direction      
Save photo creations in JPEG or PDF file formats      
Upload video and clips directly to YouTube™ 1      
Quickly share photos and videos on Facebook 1    
Print calendars, cards, and photo books with your home printer    
Share photos via fun Online Albums
Use flexible layouts to create scrapbook pages, CD/DVD labels, and more
Easily share photos via email and websites


Adobe®Photoshop®Elements 8 software

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Sept. 23, 2009 —Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced Adobe®Photoshop®Elements 8 software available for Windows® and Mac, providing automated and intelligent photo-editing technology across both platforms. With the newest version of the No. 1 selling consumer photo-editing software,*Adobe continues to make cutting-edge innovation accessible to users who want powerful yet easy-to-use tools to tell compelling stories with their photos.

“With nearly 20 years of Photoshop innovation under our belt, we are able to leverage industry-leading technology that the professionals use and make it accessible to our Elements customers,” said Doug Mack, vice president and general manager of Consumer and Hosted Solutions at Adobe. “We've simplified the editing process, without taking away any of the power, and incorporated smart tools with built-in intelligence to bring once difficult tasks, within reach of everyone.”

Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 for Windows
With the enhanced Organizer, Windows users of Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 can easily manage media and find photo and video clips even faster than before. The new Auto-Analyzer automatically analyzes and tags media so users can quickly find the most interesting and highest quality content and People Recognition identifies people in photos, becoming more intelligent over time, as it learns to associate names and faces. Also, consumers can now automatically synch all their media across multiple computers.

Photoshop Elements 8 brings editing capabilities and simplicity to a new level. With Adobe Photomerge® Exposure, users can simply merge multiple shots of the same scene, with and without a flash, together to create a perfectly lit photo that shows every detail. Leveraging Photoshop CS4 technology, the new Recompose provides users with an easy way to automatically resize photos without distorting the most important parts. Additionally, Quick Fix previews allow users to visually choose the best color, contrast and lighting adjustments from a series of previews. Once photo creations are ready to be shared, Photoshop Elements 8 offers new interactive Online Album templates that can showcase photos and videos together.

For even more creative possibilities, Windows users have the option to purchase Plus. Additional benefits include 20GB of storage for automatic online backup and sharing (up to 15,000 photos or four hours of DVD-quality video), as well as regular deliveries of tutorials, tips and tricks, seasonal artwork and interactive online templates sent directly to the desktop software. Photos and videos can also be accessed anywhere with an Internet connection at

Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 for Mac
Photoshop Elements 8 for Mac is the perfect complement to iPhoto® for consumers who want to go beyond the basics and tell amazing stories with their photos. The software is loaded with new options to make extraordinary photos with ease. For media management, Mac users have access to all the features in Adobe Bridge CS4 software, which provides quick organization with a custom viewing workspace and full-screen preview with one-click close-ups. Keyword tags and a variety of search options also make it easy to find photos quickly.

Photoshop Elements 8 for Mac now includes all of the intelligent photo-editing options as the Windows version. In addition to Photomerge Exposure, Recompose and Quick Fix previews, Photoshop Elements 8 for Mac features Scene Cleaner for brushing away unwanted elements, such as tourists or cars, from a series of photos to create the perfect scene. The Smart Brush helps users apply incredible effects to a specific area of a photo with a single stroke and Touch-Up brushes make common editing tasks quick, such as whitening teeth or making bright blue skies. When creations are ready to be shared with family and friends, users can display their photos on the Web with gallery templates or personal Web pages, by e-mail and on CD or DVD.

Pricing and Availability
Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 (Windows) is available now at, and Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 for Mac will be available in Oct. 2009. Both products will be available soon at outlets such as, Apple (Mac only), (Windows only), Best Buy, Office Depot and Office Max.

* Source: The NPD Group/Retail Tracking Service (April 2002 to March 2009) based on units sold (North America only).  

Adobe Photoshop Elements is the consumer version of the Adobe Photoshop raster image editing product, sold at a fraction (roughly 1/6th) of the cost of the professional product. It contains most of the features of the professional version but with fewer and simpler options. The program allows users to create, edit, organize and share images, all from the same product.

Originally introduced alongside Photoshop version 7, Photoshop Elements targets photography enAs a resultiasts and As a result lacks many features that make it useful in a proper print production environment. For example, Photoshop Elements cannot export files in the CMYK color mode, supports a simplified color management system, and excludes detailed soft-proofing. It also either eliminates completely or offers simplified versions of some of the more powerful plug-ins, along with a number of features aimed at non-experts (such as removing the red-eye effect or changing the skin tone in a picture). An example of a redesigned feature would be the Variations correction dialog. Some versions can, however, open, edit, and save PDFs.

Photoshop LE (Limited Edition) was Adobe's consumer raster image editing product prior to the introduction of Elements. Photoshop LE had similar limitations to Elements.

Photoshop Elements 7 is a must have: Save time and frustration in post-production - Eliminate uncertainty and see the effect you want immediately, not hours or days later. Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 software combines power and simplicity so you can make ordinary photos extraordinary; tell engaging stories in beautiful, personalized creations for print and web; and easily find and view all your photos. New membership* works with Photoshop Elements so you can protect your photos with automatic online backup and 2 GB of storage; view your photos anywhere you are; and share your photos in fun, interactive ways with invitation-only Online Albums. What is new in Photoshop Elements 7

  • Smart Brush
  • PhotoMerge
  • Scene Cleaner
  • New Quick Fixes: (3)
    • Toothbrush, Bluer Skies and Black & White
  • Paintbrush.
  • New Guided Edits:
    • Effects, Pencil Sketch and Old Fashioned Photo.
  • Actions:
    • Slimming, Cropping and Captions.
  • Adjustments:
    • Level and Fix Distortion. Surface Blur.
  • New Saturated Film Effects

Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 software combines power and simplicity so you can make ordinary photos extraordinary; tell engaging stories in beautiful, personalized creations for print and web; and easily find and view all your photos. New membership* works with Photoshop Elements so you can protect your photos with automatic online backup and 2 GB of storage; view your photos anywhere you are; and share your photos in fun, interactive ways with invitation-only Online Albums.

Effortlessly select an area and simultaneously apply incredible effects with a single stroke of Adobe Smart Brush. Click to enlarge.

See all your photos in one convenient place where you can scroll through them, apply visual keyword tags, and view and retrieve them fast--even if your library includes thousands of photos. Click to enlarge.

Showcase your photos in one-of-a-kind Online Albums with your choice of dynamic, animated templates. Click to enlarge.

Easily upload photos to your website, iPhone, or CEIVA Digital Photo Frames, or view them on your TV. Do it all with one powerful yet easy-to-use product Use Photoshop Elements with* for all your photo needs--organize, edit, and enhance photos; make unique photo creations; share in print and on the web; protect your photos; and view them anywhere you are.

*Available only in the U.S.

Introducing new membership* Works with Photoshop Elements to help you protect your photos from computer loss and hard drive crashes with automatic online backup and enough storage (2 GB) for up to 1,500 photos; view your photos anywhere you are; and share your photos in fun, interactive ways with invitation-only Online Albums. And upgrade to Plus membership at any time and get 18 GB more storage, and a variety of inspiring ideas, tutorials, seasonal artwork, and templates delivered regularly to your software.

*Available only in the U.S.

Select and apply with a single stroke Simultaneously select a specific photo area and apply incredible effects with a single stroke of new Adobe Smart Brush. Improve lighting, add rich textures, and more with eight libraries of over 50 sophisticated effects.

Go from flawed to phenomenal in seconds Whiten teeth, make skies bluer, get rid of red eye, and take advantage of many more shortcuts that reduce common, multistep editing tasks to a single click or brush stroke.

Dramatically transform your photos with easy-to-use tools Convert your color originals to elegant, nuanced black-and-whites, or use color curves adjustments to Best Prices for the perfect exposure.

Count on step-by-step assistance Want to touch up a scratch? Create a scrapbook page? Add artistic effects that make a photo look like a pencil sketch? Photoshop Elements walks you through key steps to make it easy to Best Prices for the results you want fast.

Quickly clean your scene of unwanted elements You took five shots of your subject, but pedestrians and cars distract from the scene in every one. Now, see only what you want to see in your photos--use Adobe Photomerge Scene Cleaner to simply brush away any elements that changed positions between photos to create a single, perfect composite.

Composite with amazing results Create flawless group shots in just a few clicks with amazing Adobe Photomerge technology. Photomerge also lets you create seamless panoramas and combine elements of different faces for entertaining results.

Share experiences in fresh, exciting ways on the web Showcase your photos in one-of-a-kind Online Albums with your choice of dynamic, animated templates--including new, visually stunning options. Adobe Flash technology lets viewers interact with your photos for an entertaining experience.

Show off your creativity in unique ways Make amazing printed photo creations--like scrapbook pages, photo books, and cards--that you can customize to get exactly the look you envision.

Organize your library with ease See all your photos in one convenient place, and find photos fast using powerful, flexible visual tags and a variety of viewing and searching options, including a new text search box.

Product Description Make ordinary photos extraordinary with Adobe Photoshop Elements 7. It combines power and simplicity so you can tell engaging stories in beautiful, personalized creations for print and the web; and easily find and view all your photos. And now, extend the capabilities of your software with new Plus membership (Annual membership terms apply).

Create a personal web travelogue for friends and family, or view and share your photos on an interactive map based on the locations where they were taken (Works with U.S. addresses only) Online Albums with your choice of dynamic, animated templates With Plus membership (Annual membership terms apply), you can - Show off your creativity with inspiring ideas, tutorials, seasonal artwork, and templates delivered regularly to your software Backup your memories automatically and no scheduling required? get 20GB of storage ? enough for up to 15,000 photos View your photos virtually anywhere you are Share photos in fun, interactive ways via invitation-only Online Albums ? and you'll get new templates delivered to your software on a regular basis

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The missing Photoshop manual
Mac users, rejoice, the missing manual’s been found. O’Reilly Media, Sebastopol, Calif., says Photoshop Elements 8 for Mac: The Missing Manual is now available, “the book that should have been in the box.”

Don’t misunderstand the company; O’Reilly says Photoshop Elements 8 for Mac is a great program, more powerful and easier to use than previous versions. But figuring out how and when to use the program’s tools is still tricky, the company notes. Enter the new book, authored by Barbara Brundage.

Readers will learn what each tool does, as well as when it makes the most sense to use it and why. There are easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for everything from importing photos to organizing, editing, sharing, and storing images. There’s also a tour of Bridge, the ultra-deluxe file browser that comes with Photoshop CS4 –