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Canon Rebel XS DSLR Camera

The Canon EOS XS (1000D) DSLR  Often overlooked many times because a large number of people are praising the XSI, its "bigger brother" . But check out a side-by-side comparison and you will see that very little has been withheld on the XS. Hang on to that extra cash to buy better lenses. I would even speculate that future firmware releases will fix some of those so-called scaled-back features. I spent a number of weeks comparing the Canon EOS REBEL XS with many of it's adversaries, I even compared it with some of the ultra zoom cameras as I desired video imaging as well, but the XS had a great many outstanding features, so I decided go ahead and buy it. I After several days of testing this camera out in the field, I found it to be a delightful encounter. Now my reasoning for selecting this camera was to have a sharp fast camera that could shoot impressive still shots under poor light conditions and still acquire impressive portrait images to be used on my website and also shoot for large prints. As I didn't feel like parting with more than $1000.US dollars for a camera body.

The Canon claim is true: Full auto mode is exceptionally accurate and always gives excellent results, it makes photography extremely easy for a newbie's and intermediate alike. The portrait mode is clear, never blurry, pictures are crisp, clean, have a nice hue, and excellent quality for large [rint sizes. The program mode has a lot to like and it so nicely sets exposure can become addictive. I shot a number of night images of vehicles on a freeway, with resulting bright, sharp, vivid colors. Night photos at ISO 800 had hardly any noise, even browsing the images on a 15" monitor looking for for noise to whine about, but was came away impressed.

Auto focus is extremely fast. Th XS auto focus system is "just" 7 point as compared to the XSi's 9 point system, excuse me when tell you there is hardly any need for an additional 2 points as the camera already focuses fast and so accurately. There has never been a single soft image when shooting using auto focus.

Now for those compact point and shoot cameras that brag about face detection....5 faces...6,7 faces, some as many as 15. I also own a 10 mp compact ultra zoom camera, this simply does not matter and even not at all, if the camera focusing speed is average or poor, considering the "average quality of the lenses" installed on them. It should be clear to all that in no way can a 10 MP compact ultra zoom compare with a 10 MP DSLR. These two things might possibly be confused but are in fact very different .

For me, the Manual mode of the XS leaves the biggest impression. In various magazine testing, the Canon XS comes up faster than the other 10 MP competitors and the frames per second burst imaging and shooting. It really does consistently shoot 3 fps, it even shoots 2.3 fps in poor light, the worst case being over 1 fps and with 10 MP quality.

I have not employed a lower quality since that time, given I use a Transcend 8GB SDHC card which is a non issue. Many images have been shot at night, for the ones shot in daylight, have been astonishing. colors are very vivid, depth of field excellent. Macros are good. The Image optimizer is simply simply shocking. Shooting without flash in a shady area the subject is vastly improved without blowing the background out, stuff that is nexr to impossible with a compact point and shoot camera.

Most of my shooting has been at night, for the little done in daylight, it has been amazing. colors are very bright, depth of field very very nice. Macros works well. Image optimizer simply shocked life out of me. I was in a shaded area and without flash it really improves the subject without over blowing the background, stuff that is almost impossible on point and shoot cams.

Things I do not agree with from other reviewers:
1- "The camera feels cheaply built"....that's wrong, everything is well built , buttons are, in fact easy to press, no cheap sounding clicks to , the lens mount even has a positive feel, and the correct click when set. The battery door is very secure. Your must carefully use your finger to open the door, which won't happen by accident. The Rubber a.v. port door fits well. The rubber grip feels firm and smooth enough not to agitate your hands while holding it.

2- " XS is "overpriced" when compared with the XSi.....The Xsi is a slower shooter than the XS, the XSi picture quality is identical to the XS although the XSi features 12 MP. The XSi sports a 3" LCD and some other enhancements, but these enhancements don't add up the moment the shutter is released and the traits of both cameras are identically matched. I could have picked the XSI by spending the extra U.S. $150, however for the smaller price,I have no regrets.

3- "The XS "only has a 2.5" LCD in contrast with two of it's competitors sporting 3" LCD's". It is easy to see clearly using this monitor, even the Histograms, and onscreen grids. If LCD screens get any bigger, Canon may have also have to put in a tv tuner....the 2.5" screen is more than adequate.

4- "The XS does not feature SPOT METERING in comparison to the XSi is a huge issue"- haven't come across any reason to whine yet, after numerous day and night shots.

THE BUMMER: the EOS software for uploading images to the computer, and to remote control the camera using the computer is TERRIBLE. It's a pain in the... to upload, as its the hurry up and wait beach ball when you click "upload". The professional digital software is totally unresponsive. I have been unable to use the Mac version software anywhere beyond the install point. Better break out photo shop and i-photo.

As someone who's used to t.v. broadcast quality video the REBEL XS is well worth the price of admission, and it appears that Canon is so concentrated on promoting the XSi they have drastically dropped the XS price.....I recommend buying the XS and acquire a good lens using the money saved. The thing is in the photographer and the lens, and less the camera. ✓


The EOS Digital Rebel XS (aka EOS-1000D) is a first-rate entry-level DSLR. It takes excellent quality photos, it's quick to respond, and it provides an abundance helpful features. It's main problem is that its newer sibling, the Rebel XSi, is priced at a scant $70 more. Advancing to the Rebel XSi doesn't purchase better image quality (you just get larger pictures), but it does come with a bigger LCD screen and viewfinder, spot metering, quicker continuous shooting speed (especially using RAW mode), and more. The XS is a good beginner-level camera, with no difficulty earning my sanction. But,to ignore the Canon XSi for a few dollars more is hard to do.

Ideal for an extensive range of users from newby DSLR users to seasoned veteran photo enthusiasts, the Canon EOS XS camera is created to include what you automatically expect from the Rebel camera series -- an easy-to-use, non-intimidating, fast, lightweight, camera that turns out excellent photos and starts beginning photographers off on the right track. Instantly, photographers will notice the included Stabilized Optical Image kit lens for crystal clear focus, counteracting camera shake from a moving vehicle or unsteady hands. The Rebel XS also encompasses Canon's DIGIC III processor, a 10.1 mp CMOS image sensor, Auto Lighting Optimizer, Live View, 3.0 fps continuous JPEG burst rate where the amount of consecutive images in a burst is simply limited by the SD card capacity inserted in the camera and 7-point wide-area AF sensor

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Canon Rebel XS DSLR Camera

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