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Not many upgrades over last year's Canon EOS T1i. The most major development is a new 18-mp CMOS image sensor identical to last year's Canon 7D. This modification has improved the quality of sharpness, but the Canon Rebel persists in turning in run of the mill performance in long exposure, dynamic range, and noise.

Other upgrades seem to be aimed at improving the experience for video recording. The T2i provides a new, high-resolution LCD monitor and some negligible changes in switch layout as well as a dedicated switch for video recording in a more prudent spot. They've also added an external microphone recording input jack, which should improve better capture of audio in congruence with the video.  

Canon just astonish the photography community by revealing this latest EOS Rebel T2i that will assume a position at the top the company's lower priced Rebel line DSLR cameras. The muscle behind this 18-megapixel brute comes from of a considerable amount of trickle-down components from Canon's doubly expensive EOS 7D powerhouse. Now, you can get a camera body with extensive advanced features identical to the 7D like 100- 6400 ISO, a 63-zone dual-layer meter system, 9-point autofocus, a 3-inch smudge-resistant live-view viewfinder, , and 1080p video capturing at 24, 25, or 30 fps including an external microphone input jack all for $799.  

But wait a minute, all of a sudden Nikon is going have to run to catch up. And now Canon's going to have to increase the technology on its upper-end models just to stay ahead. Look at some of the impressive specifications for the Canon EOS T2i:

Canon's new EOS Rebel T2i flagship adds professional EOS attributes to a simple to operate, lightweight DSLR that's a pleasure to shoot. Featuring a bar-raising 18.0-megapixel CMOS sensor and augment light sensitivity for poor light photography, the EOS T2i also includes an advanced HD Video mode for beautiful Full HD videos. with the ability to shoot up to 3.7 fps, it's ready to go right out of the bag. Some of the new features include a new wide-area monitor, Advanced Live View. Bright Auto Lighting Optimizer and Tone Highlight elements easily ensure brilliant pictures and movies. Including a number of the most technologically advanced features of any DSLR, it's absolutely the best Canon Rebel has ever created. 

Not unless you use the T1i for capturing a lot of videos, there is absolutely no justification for upgrading to the EOS T2i. In the meantime, newbie DSLR buyers kicking the tires on the new T2i might be ahead of the game by saving a few hundred dollars by buying last year's T1i. You'll have to give up the fancy new CMOS sensor and mic input, but you'll acquire the same vivid color performance, smooth menus manual controls, and acquire access to the vast array of Canon lenses and other accessories. The Rebel EOS T2i is a decent, solid entry-level camera, but other than the advanced video capture mode there are not a lot of other reasons to buy it.

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Compact and easy to transport - Many buttons have to serve dual functions

Excellent color accuracy - Mediocre performance in long exposure

Extended ISO range of 100 to 12800 - Noisier results than much of the competition

Excellent sharpness, with little chromatic aberration or distortion - Slightly below average performance in dynamic range tests

White Balance
WB shift is versatile - Mediocre white balance results, even after the cumbersome custom white balance

Impressive array of PictBridge options - Virtually no in-camera editing tools

Great proximity sensor on viewfinder; microphone input for recording audio in movie mode - SDXC compatibility Limited flash controls

Wide variety of shooting modes, ability to tweak sharpness, contrast, saturation, and color tone in color modes - Autofocus assist is only available with pop-up flash; narrow exposure compensation range

Design & Handling
Beautiful menu design - Camera body feels lights and difficult to keep steady

Video Section

Color & Noise
Lots of color modes and settings available in video mode; noise levels were low in bright light. - Color accuracy not all that great

Motion & Sharpness
Good sharpness and motion scores overall - No 1080/60i or 1080/60p record mode

Low Light Performance
Overall low light performance was above average for a video-capable DSLR.

Video Features
Multiple video resolution options; manual controls are easy to use and plentiful in video mode. - Stationary LCD is not great for video recording


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