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Canon EOS 60D DSLR Camera

A huge improvement when compared to the Canon 50D. The first of many changes is the inclusion of 1080/30p move capability, complete with a lucid LCD monitor, High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) output plus a microphone input. Although the 60D still contains the same image sensor that the Rebel T2i has, video, enthusiasts will without doubt favor the 60D, the rotatable LCD monitor, audio gain control plus the white balance is now in 1/3-stop settings.

"Digital Inspiration", is how Canon defines the EOS 60D DSLR Kit including an 18-135mm EF-S Lens. The camera body that includes an 18MP CMOS APS-C image sensor, a Clear View 3" LCD, plus HD video capability, among other delectable features, plus the 18-135mm lens, maybe you'll agree. So come on, let's take an enticing look at this highly-predictable DSLR camera kit.

Most important among the above mentioned "delectable features" is the 18-135mm EF-S lens that's also included. This 60D is well-matched with every Canon EF & EF-S lens - Canon has included this 18-135mm lens with the Canon 60D camera body, creating a value-packed camera kit that will let you be out taking pictures from the day you get it. This lens provides you with a wide zoom shooting range, letting you capture those close in, close-ups to far-off to mind-blowing, far-reaching vista photos - all with this one lens. A great beginner lens that can easily take care of most settings.

Wait, Did I mention video? Yes, that's right. Let's delve into this feature for a moment, the one that's made all those techies nearly jump out of their chairs. The Canon 60D is way more than the everyday Digital SLR camera, it also doubles as an 1920 x 1080 High Definition movie camera. With the integrated video camera you'll have the capacity to capture MOV movie clips as large as 4GB in size (although this time is dependent upon the resolution). Including features such as manual exposure, an option to mount any Canon EF / EF-S lens, plus an array of audio adjustments, which includes an external stereo microphone hook-up - the 60D places DSLR movie-making right in the palm of your hand. Other significant attributes of the video operation worth mentioning include on-board editing, several recording resolutions to select from, plus an HDMI output connector for single-cable connection right to your HDTV.

Do you need a moment to catch your breath? Ok, here's some more. Let's slide back into more details. It doesn't matter if you shoot movies or digital still photographs the 60D can capture everything to handy SD, SDHC, or SDXC flash memory cards. There's also the availability to employ wireless Eye-Fi memory cards for computer-less wireless image transfer.

Let's get back to the performance... This 18MP CMOS APS-C image sensor features enough pixel-strength to create those mural size prints that until now you've only been able to dream about a realism. Although don't have any plans to shoot a building-sized mural with your pet or children splashing in the surf, 18 megapixels have other benefits. Crisp, clear detail, without any image-ruining noise, plus big-as-life color hues are all examples of how more megapixels will make your photos pop!

Additionally the 60D features the Canon DIGIC 4 Processor sensor. The DIGIC 4 allows you to enjoy the advantages of faster shooting speeds, on-board RAW image processor, creative image filters, photo resizing, plus other exciting on-board features. There's also Enhanced Face Discovery Live View Mode, Full HD movie capture, Auto Light Optimizer, and Peripheral Lens Optimization are some of the other features also facilitated by DIGIC 4.

For poor light you want an option to photography without using flash. Canon created ISO adjustments from 100 to 6400 - with the availability to go as high as 12800 employing custom functions. There are more selectable options plus more opportunity to photograph stunningly clear photos, even in poor light.  June 10, 2011✓

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