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Canon EOS-1D Mark IV Digital DSLR Camera I have shot with a number of Canons, but seriously I have a preference for Nikons, especially since the D3 was released. I Continued to stick it out with the 1D3 and despite all the not too positive reviews, worked exceptionally good for me. As the D3S was announced, it took everything in my power to defy clicking the "buy now" button, but. I waited to see how the 1DIV specifications would look before I decided to either be loyal to Canon or like a great number of other Canon professional body shooters and switch to the new Nikon Updated Review Jan 16, 2011

When the 1-D Mark IV was released, the specs, looked good to me so I went ahead and purchased it. In the short time I have been shooting it, I can truly say, it has an amazing body. Here are a few highlights

The autofocus function is conspicuously advanced over the 1-D Mark III's, which was exceptional to start with. My 1-D Mark III didn't possess the sub-mirror issue that plagued other 1-D Mark III users, and in that regard I got very lucky. My 1-D Mark III had its quirks, such as losing focus on rapidly approaching subjects or not doing all that well in very poor light. The 1-D Mark IV not only fixes the quirks of the 1-D Mark III, it takes a step further and turns an already acceptable body and creates an exceptional camera. I've shot outdoor (although winter) sports, birds, in the studio, and basketball games on dimly lit courts, and I've been consistently impressed with the performance of the 1-D Mark IV.

The upper ISO range is decent, not as good as I'd hoped for. It needs a little bit of post processing noise reduction I's easy get fantastic shots at ISO 12800. Although anything above 12800 and for the major part the images are unusable. Also some chrma noise exists at ISO 6400 and higher, but more noticeable is the luminance noise. in spite of having some grain in the 6400+ photos astonishing detail is present in the upper ISO photos. They clean up rather nicely and create print quality effort. There s about a 1 stop improvement over my 1D3, that is decent. It's about on par with my 5DII with the slight edge going to the 5DII. But just the actuality that it's even close is remarkable.

This auto ISO element finally got installed in the 1 series cameras and it's fantastic. I'd never been too concerned previously about Auto ISO, mostly due to Canon not really having a strong set-up. After trying it on my 1-D Mark IV, I can say "good piece of work!" It's very useful.

I really appreciate all the new features such as the ability to register two distinct AF points predicated upon the camera's point of reference. I also like the ability to have two distinct AF points cataloged for each situation. Two separate points of the horizontal location can also be chosen while shooting for example and press the AE Lock push button and instantly toggle between them. What a nice touch while shooting action events such a sports. There's also the capability to employ the joystick to instantly reselect a fresh AF point is additionally a great touch, and one that I often use. Not having a distinct video push button seems somewhat strange (You know, like the one installed on the 7D) although I don't really care use the video mode on a DSLR, so the point is moot. Notwithstanding a few changes under the hood, the controls are mostly cosmetically the same as the 1-D Mark III, sort of give comfort to prolonged 1D shooters.

I have say that the 1-D Mark IV is mostly a 1-D Mark III upgrade. Although it's true, there's a 39 point totally new cross-type AF system sensor plus an immensely improved LCD monitor along with several more tweaks, but nothing very earth shattering over the 1-D Mark III that it supersedes. This is a welcome upgrade from the 1-D Mark III to the 1-D Mark IV. It's a very strong system.

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