Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM. Raising Optical Accomplishment

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Raising Optical Accomplishment From a Professional Zoom

Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM Lens A re-engineered Canon 24-70mm EF f/2.8L II Zoom USM raises the ante of optical accomplishment from a standard professional zoom lens. It uses a single Super UD elements plus a pair of UD lens elements which diminishes chromatic aberration at the wide-angle periphery, along with cutting color blurring down around the subject's edges. In addition, two different kinds of aspherical lenses have been combined to help diminish spherical aberration for the whole image area, along with through the entire zoom range. Optimized lens coatings helps to assure exceptional color balance and at the same time making any ghosting minimal.

A high-speed CPU featuring optimized AF algorithms and ring-type USM ensure silent, and quick auto focusing. The lens uses improved resistance to water along with dust sealing. Fluorine coatings on both front and back lenses diminish fingerprints and smearing. There's A circular 9-bladed diaphragm to deliver beautiful, soft out of focus backgrounds. There's also a lever to lock the zoom in place at the wide zoom end for safely transporting while it's mounted on an EOS Digital SLR camera and hanging over a shoulder.

The wide aperture L-Series normal zoom lens combines enhanced durability along with high image quality. A new optical layout uses a single Super UD element along with two UD elements to diminish chromatic aberration along the outer edges when shooting wide-angle; plus color blurring is eliminated around the subject's edges. To obtain photos with high contrast and resolution,.2 kinds of aspherical lenses have been combined to cut down on spherical aberration, and accomplish high quality images across the entire scene and throughout the complete zoom range. It's extremely resistant to water and dust, allowing photographers to shoot even in rigorous and harsh situations. A circular 9 bladed diaphragm delivers fantastic, soft backgrounds. There's Ring USM, a ultra-speed CPU, and optimization of AF algorithms for quick auto focusing. Optimized lens coatings assure exceptional color balance and at the same time diminishes ghosting.

It's interesting that lots of people are upset that this new 24-70mm USM L II lens doesn't contain IS. And additionally the 82mm filter thread will be costing you extra bucks too, to upgrade your filters.

I don't have a clue why Canon failed to include IS on this zoom - it's the only lens from out of these three new ones that even justifies it. This lens badly needed an update; as its position in the lineup was diminished once the lighter, less expensive,24-105L IS f4 was introduced. Now at least the 24-70 is lighter!

There's no reason why Canon along with Nikon too can't build in-body IS, although I would guess it's because Minolta and Pentax hold the patent. plus, they generate more money when selling the identical technology over & over installed on different lenses (in opposition to buying once on a camera body).

However, there's an alternative,. move over to Sony. The Sony 24-70mm F2.8 ZA  has highly regarded optics (which are just as good if not better than the Canon 24-70mm L) and the IS stabilized using the camera body. Mar 20, 2012

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