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Canon EOS 1Dx Full Frame DSLR CameraCanon 1Dx. the newest professional DSLR, an 18 MP full-frame camera. The 1Dx will crown the Canon model line-up as a revitalization to the Canon 1D Mark IV plus the 1Ds and is projected to to sell as a body-only version this coming March for $6800 . According to Canon, the "x" of the 1Dx, signifies that it's gen 10 of professional DSLR cameras by Canon, and it extends numerous boundaries established by previous models.

The 1Dx features dual DIGIC 5 image processors, and Canon insists offer around 17 times more handling power than the DIGIC 4s. processor before. Additionally the 1Dx, includes dedicated DIGIC 4 in the 1Dx which strictly processes AF control and metering.

All of this processing power gives the 1Dx the capability to shoot full-res RAW plus RAW+JPEG images as quickly as 12fps, plus a high speed method providing for JPEG capture up to 14fps. The 1Dx also employs a 252-zone, 100,000-pixel, RGB metering sensor, featuring both face and color detection.

The new CMOS 18-megapixel image sensor in the 1Dx features a 16-channel double line, readout plus an amalgamation of gapless larger individual pixels and micro-lenses for acquiring plenty of light. Canon claims the sensor produces pixels which became 1.25 microns bigger than the Canon 1D Mark IV plus .55 bigger than the pixels in the Canon 5D Mark II.. Thus giving the 1Dx a 6.95Ám pixel pitch, close to the 1D Mark III's 7.2Ám, while still delivering more resolution over the Canon 1D Mark IV.

That increased pixel size lets the 1Dx use an ISO 100-51200 range. The 1Dx also provides a lower ISO 50 alternative, plus a pair of higher options, moving the ISO range up to 204,800, although Canon insists the pair of high ISO selections are designed for government, law enforcement,, and forensic uses rather than the typical pursuits

Those who were thinking of upgrading to the Canon 5D Mark II to shoot movies should consider the Canon 1Dx, as it has capability to capture 1080/24p//25p/30p HD moves, with additional choices for 720/50p/60p. The image sensor was engineered for video, allowing down-sampling errors and the consequential moire effect to be significantly diminished. The 4GB limitation of the file system has also been treaked by creating an automatic function to split files delivering up to just shy of 30 minute of continuous video acquisition.

The 1Dx additionally supports two methods for embedding SMPTE-compliant time codes, Free Run and Rec Run, to relax syncing more than one camera in post processing. The 1Dx also supports both inter-frame (IPB) and (ALL-i) and compression, to assist in post-editing and production, depending on the requirement. The camera also provides manual audio level controls before and during any video acquisition with the built-in monaural microphone or with an external stereo mic.

The 1Dx features a 61-point AF system, allowing every AF point to be horizontal contrast sensitive at apertures of f/5.6 or larger. Also, there are 21 middle cross-type auto-focus points, maximum aperture sensitive down to f/5.6, although dependent upon the lens. Looking past that, 20 outer points of focus operate as cross-types with maximum apertures being as little as f/4.0. While all of the the five center points are high-accuracy diagonal cross-types with maximum apertures down to f/2.8.

The 1Dx provides USB transfer, although it features a gigabit Ethernet port that's hard wired for stability of wired still and video images transmission as fast as 1000BASE-T transport speeds. This allows not only quicker file transmission, although more practical and longer connection times for professional use. For storage on-camera, the 1Dx exchanges SD storage being replaced by dual Compact Flash memory cards.

Expecting nothing other, the Canon 1Dx feature a full degree of weather-resistant seals in staying with the previous versions of 1D cameras. The 1Dx also uses an LP-E4N battery, however it will be acquiescent with all LP-E4 batteries employed with the Canon 1D Mark IV, those doing an upgrade. The only catch is this new battery will not be able to be charged using previous generation battery chargers.

Optically, the 1Dx contains viewfinder identical to the Canon 1D Mark III, featuring 0.76x magnification with 100% coverage. The viewfinder also has an additional amount of information available. Announced Oct 18, 2011 ✓

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Canon EOS 1Dx Professional Full Frame DSLR

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