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Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM Telephoto LensYou get an extra stop with he image stabilization with handheld shooting minimizing shake. It's just a a fantastic lens. Super sharp with clarity and no spectral flaring that I've seen-- none at all-- it's quick, with stealth silent autofocus. For decisive work you'll need to use a tripod or another type of support, as this contraption gets heavy very quickly.

It's a serious lens built for serious photographers. In fact this telephoto dominates the niche it's in. It absolutely delivers on every promise and is a classic white L lens. Sense it's an L lens, it has numerous features and is constructed with superior materials. There's USM and includes a built-in Image Stabilizer that allows for easy capturing of the far-away action of quick-paced sports or just zoom to get an intimate portrait shot with a blurry background.

Lenses with image stabilization provide distinct benefits when handheld, although you must remember that while using these kind of lenses mounted on a tripod the IS needs to be in the off position or the lens could move during exposure causing camera shake even while shooting mounted on a tripod, a result that has bewildered many a photographer!

The lens includes features such as Super UD-glass and fluorite elements that pretty much does away with secondary spectrum; there's a floating lens system that makes high image quality at every focal length certain; there are two unique image Stabilizer styles designed panning along with stationary subjects. and extender 1.4x II  & 2x II compatibility.

The very first EF lens featuring a zoom ranging from 100mm thru 400mm, even though it's not quite in the superzoom class. This EF 100-400mm lens provides high resolution, tremendous contrast, neutral color poise, and the original Canon integrated Image Stabilizer. High zoom enlargement is realized by employment of 6-elements within 5 movable lens groups. Autofocusing is quick and virtually silent with the Canon USM ring while AF pace is further enhanced by using a lightweight, highly developed rear focus arrangement that includes a floating lens element for unswerving image quality at every focusing distance starting at 5.9' to infinity. Featuring full-time manual focusing, single-touch zooming using a wide hand-grip, and a unique ring that encourages zooming friction adjustment, this is a special lens that's an extreme pleasure to use, and perfect for a wide range of photography applications which include: wildlife, nature, sports, action, and documentary photography. May 18, 2011 ✓

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Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM Telephoto Lens

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