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Tack Sharp Images and Crisp Focus

Canon EF-S 10-22mm Lens - top Canon 10-22 - Tack sharp images and Crisp focus seem to be child's play to pull off shooting with this silent AF USM lens. I also discovered the best micro lens adjustment on a Canon 60d camera to be approximately +3, but also discovered +0 to be most acceptable, employing the LCD screen/moire pattern tweaking method at either side of the zoom reach.

Although what really lit my bulb was the newly acquired capability to shoot images that were simply could not have happened with a 28mm lens. Entire rooms in a house turn into single-shot deals, as compared to the burdensome image stitching methods. Large groups of people close by - no issue acquiring them all into a single shot. Landscape issues are simple without a need to back up any more, and still end up stitching groups of images into one. Naturally, everything said about distortion of straight-lines at the 10mm wide end is entirely true, not excessive, but Photoshop to the rescue. An 6 story indoor atrium that might take 6 stitched image's to complete - is now easily acquired with just one shot. 
Focus can be achieved at a fraction over 4" away from the front end of the lens. There is no stabilizer on this lens, although it can be missed while attempting shots in poor light this only becomes an issue with extreme close-up shots, which means it's time to break out the external bounce flash.

There is an AF/MF button, naturally, and can only be applied on particular camera's that are EF-S type lens compatible (there are bunches of information online about this and can be found in other places). The lens takes a 77mm filter. A lens hood is also available, but not included, although lens hoods are marginally useful for keeping extraneous light although it's no small task to work with wide angle shooting without being in the way. it's still at $14 a good idea to install one for additional lens protection. It's quite easy to crash in to objects and the addition of a hood makes sense. Anybody who's ever bent a metal filter after barely running into an object, and then struggling with get the filter off, knows exactly what I mean.

Forget shooting using the camera's built-in flash, as 10-22mm lens blocks the upper 5-10% part of the flash at the wide end. Some compensation can be made in many shots by aiming the camera downward somewhat. Although I'd recommend using an external flash with this lens, to eliminate this kind interference and also obtain superior bounce flash images. When using a hot shoe mounted EX flash, there's no problem with the lens getting in the way of any light output.

The lens length does not transform while zooming so there's no lens creep. The zoom ring has a tight feel, but it and the focus ring rotates smoothly, which may also be adjusted after focusing for any last focus fine tuning. The lens front does not rotate while zooming, which is perfect for circular polarizer filters. The length of the lens is 4" (including an attached UV filter) from the lens front all the way to the body of the camera.

I first I was thinking this might be one of those specialty lenses that would only be used when whole room shots were needed or for other wide angle contests, but mounted on APS-C camera with a 35mm film camera effective range, the lens quality makes it a nominee many more applications as well, allowing for quick setup with a simple twist on the zoom ring allowing the capture any close in action, or to capture dual subjects not entirely together, as in many cases with candid photo shooting. The pure mage quality and access to astonishing wide "views" that are impossible to capture in a single shot while using a DSLR camera

Anybody who's ever been confronted by trying to obtain a wide angle image will immediately falli into love with this jewel once they get it out into the field. Jan 27, 2011

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