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Prior to the nineties, Single lens reflex cameras featured the most sophisticated photographic preview system to be had. Although the recently developed and refined digital imaging sensor engineering with an integrated live LCD preview monitor has surpassed the popularity of SLR's

Single lens reflex cameras differ a lot in their build and characteristically feature bodies constructed of plastic or perhaps magnesium. Most camera MAKERS don't quote permanence specifications, but some provide shutter life expectancies on the professional versions. As most SLRs feature interchangeable lenses, dust, dirt and sand have a penchant to enter the camera's main body by way of the mirror box while the lens is off the camera, thus jamming or getting the mirror mechanism dirty or jam the shutter curtain mechanics itself. Additionally, these dirt particles may also block or otherwise hamper a lens's focusing feature if dust enters the focusing helicoid. Image sensor cleaning issues have been to some extent diminished in DSLRs as many have a an integrated sensor cleaning function.

Looking into the future, film SLR cameras will continue be manufactured. This is indeed the case with medium-format film SLRs, such as the Pentax 6x7 camera group. Film has several result advantages. It seems foreseeable that DSLR camera designs will surpass SLR film cameras in expediency, sales volume and popularity. Although SLR cameras are the present day choices with advanced amateur and also professional photographers. ✓

35mm Interchangable Lens Film Camera Brands

Canon SLR Film Cameras Canon 35mm SLR Film Camera Solutions
The majority of the Canon EOS SLR film cameras were manufactured to shoot 35mm film, a photographic roll film which is exactly 35mm wide. The film contains sprocket holes on both sides, so the serviceable35mm image area of the film becomes 24mm by 36mm size. The film comes in wound spools which are sealed inside a metal container (sometimes plastic) lightproof canister. Typically the film comes with either 24 or 36 frames (pictures) to a 35mm film roll. 35mm film, sometimes called 135 film after Kodak's original product number, is basically the only major camera film format most often used in today's world for still photography. 35mm is thought of as a small format as the negatives size is pretty small. Mar 31, 2011 ✓

Contax SLR Film Cameras

Contax 35mm SLR Film Camera Solutions
The discontinued Contax camera renowned for its innovative, and many times unusual, technical designs while they employed a wide variety of Zeiss lenses, distinguished for their fine quality opticsy. Its last innovation was in creating an array of 35mm SLR, DSLR and medium format cameras designed and built by Kyocera, which sported updated optics designed by Carl Zeiss, known for making outstanding, high quality photographic gear. In April, 2005, Kyocera stopped producing Contax cameras. Nevertheless there are many used Contax cameras available for sale. May 14, 2011 ✓

Cosina SLR Film Cameras Cosina 35mm SLR Film Camera Solutions
Cosina is also well known for manufacturing 35 mm SLR cameras to the specifications of other manufacturers and distributors, such as the Canon T60, the Yashica FX-3 (1979), FX-3 Super, and Super 2000, the Nikon FM-10 and FE-10, the Olympus OM-2000, Konica TC-X, and various Vivitar models. A Cosina design, the 1982 Cosina CX-2, was copied by the Russian optical firm LOMO as the popular Lomo LC-A.


Holga 35mm Film Cameras Holga 35mm Film Camera Solutions
The manufacturer of the Holga camera has created three new versions of their world famous camera in 35mm format. The new models are Holga 135 (Item #167-120), Holga 135PC (Item #168-120) and Holga 135BC (Item #170-

Leica 35mm Film Cameras Leica 35mm Film Camera Solutions

Leica M7 35mm rangefinder compact camera, historically recognized for the quality build and outstanding performance, has been tested in the field by the most arduous photojournalists plus avant-garde photography artists. All manual functions continue to be available, although the latest update features electronic control and operates with an on and off switch.  May 13, 2011 ✓

Lomography 35mm Film Cameras Lomography 35mm Film Camera Solutions
Since the initial Lomo LC-A, the Lomography Company has created and promoteted an entire array of analog cameras featuring their own brand. Although just about every Lomographic camera is designed to create just one photographic effect. As an example, the Fisheye Lomography camera sports an integrated wideangle lens, and captures photos with fisheye-distortions. The Lomo LC-A original camera was discontinued in 2005 and replaced with the LC-A+, in 2006. The latest camera is manufactured in China instead of Russia, although it featured the initial Russian lens made by LOMO PLC. In 2007 with lens manufacturing was switched to China as well.  May 14, 2011 ✓

Minolta 35mm SLR Film Cameras Minolta 35mm SLR Film Camera Solutions
The Minolta Maxxum QTsi is the easiest-to-use single-lens reflex camera in Minolta's Maxxum product line. It handles and operates similarly to a fully automatic point-and-shoot camera, but provides the picture quality and system flexibility that only an SLR camera can offer. It is a camera you can grow with by adding lenses, flash units, and accessories. The Minolta QTsi features a detachable 35-80mm lens, selectable automatic or manual focus, a built-in pop-up flash with four modes, a self-timer, and TTL-type metering.

Nikon SLR Film Cameras Nikon 35mm SLR Film Camera Solutions
If photography is either a profession or a hobby, take a look at the Nikon film cameras. The Nikon 35mm film cameras are really good for the probe photographer for a number of reasons. The foremost argument is that photography becomes a quite expensive venture, while anyone who routinely practices photography will quickly let you know. Most Nikon SLR film cameras are not overly expensive for a photographer just starting out. The number two reason is that, although Nikon SLR film cameras are inexpensive, they still deliver very high quality, especially for their price bracket, and give you the benefits in certain photography aspects. Reason number three is that, although these cameras employ film, their photos can still rival or exceed the digital picture quality, and are better suited for those just starting out in photography.

Olympus 35mm SLR Cameras Olympus 35mm SLR Film Camera Solutions

Olympus announced its first camera, the Semi-Olympus in 1936. The first innovational OLympus camera series was the   Pen , introduced in 1959. The half-frame format, allowed 72 images of 18 × 24mm format on a typical standard 36 exposure roll of film, allowed Pen cameras to be compact and portable for their time.

Pentax 35mm SLR Film  CamerasPentax 35mm SLR Film Camera Solutions

From the beginning of it's predecessors, Asahi Optical Co., Ltd. to Pentax Corporation and now Ricoh Imaging Corp. covering from the first "Asahiflex" models in 1952 along with their successor, the decisive "Asahi Pentax" single-lens reflex camera (SLR), to the present. The time frame from around 1950 marked the re-emergence of the Japanese photographic industry to the spirited level of the early 1940s, and its return as a major exporter. The newly reborn camera industry had sold countless cameras to the occupation forces (who had a greater disposable income than the Japanese) who were well received. During the Korean War there was a huge influx of photographers and journalists and to the Far East, where they were dazzled by lenses from companies such as Canon and Nikon for their Leica rangefinder cameras, and also by camera bodies by these and other companies to complement and replace the Contax and Leica cameras they were using. Therefore this was the background to the advance of Asahi Optical's first camera.

Sigma 35mm SLR Film Cameras Sigma 35mm SLR Film Camera Solutions

Sigma Corporation is a   Japanese   company that m anufactures   cameras ,   lenses ,   flashes   and other photographic accessories. All Sigma products are manufactured in the company's Aizu factory in  Bandai, Fukushima, Japan. Although Sigma manufaactures several models of camera models, they are best known for manufacturing lenses and other accessories that are congruent with cameras produced by other companies. Sigma was founded in 1961 by Michihiro Yamaki, who became Sigma's CEO until his passing in 2012 at age 78.

Sigma products perform with cameras made by Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony, Olympus and Panasonic, as well fitting their own cameras.

Sigma has also produced lenses under the Quantaray name, which were sold exclusively by Ritz Camera. Similarly, Sigma lenses were marketed exclusively by the former Wolf Camera, although following the merger of Ritz and Wolf, both brands may be purchased.

Vivitar 35mm SLR Film Cameras Vivitar 35mm SLR Film Camera Solutions
Early in the 1960s, the Vivitar brand was created to compete with other major camera lens companies. Then Vivitar negotiated with experienced lens engineers and high end Japanese optical lens companies like Kiron Optical to manufacture their lenses. They then carefully positioned their limited line of products with key photo retail shops and swiftly built a name for quality lenses at reasonable prices.

After succeeding with its aftermarket line of lenses, Vivitar added its own 35mm film camera line built by Japanese companies like Cosina. These cameras include the Cosina-manufactures Vivitar SLR plus the rangefinder Vivitar 35ES/EE cameras.  May 13, 2011 ✓

Voigtlander 35mm SLR Film Cameras Voigtlander 35mm SLR Film Camera Solutions
The Voigtlander Bessa Line of Cameras weigh very little, and are understated rangefinder 35mm film cameras that are perfect for hand holding in poor lighting environments. These rangefinder cameras feature a shorter distance in between the film plane and the camera lens mount compared with SLR cameras, which allows for an inherently sharper lens. Oh!, did I mention, they are small?  May 13, 2011 ✓

Zeiss 35mm SLR Film Cameras Zeiss 35mm SLR Film Camera Solutions
The Zeiss Ikon 35mm Film Camera combines a classical design with easy-to-use operation. Features and controls are designed to make practical photography comfortable and free from unpleasant surprises caused by the camera. Manual or auto TTL exposure metering as well as an AE-lock function gives you complete control of the exposure situation. So that you can make best use of the entire system from the film to the lens. Quite simply, you can count on a highly versatile creative tool that won't let you down.

Camera Film

35mm SLR Camera Film Solutions
There are two primary types of photographic film, print film, when developed, turns into a negative with the colors (or black and white values and Reversal film mounted with plastic or cardboard for projection is often called a slide. It is also often marketed as slide film.

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