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Nikon KeyMission activity and wearable cameras, are created to help users share their activities, from the ordinary to the extreme, and the stories they tell. Nikon earlier announced the KeyMission 360 - a durable, wearable action camera with the capability to record true 360° video in 4K UHD. With video progressively turning into the focal point of everyday communication, the KeyMission action cameras expand on Nikon's technical greatness in optical and image-processing advances. Nikon recently uncovered two more models in its activity series, the KeyMission 170 along with the KeyMission 80.

Nikon KeyMission Action Cameras

The leader KeyMission 360 records seamless 4K UHD 360° video format, moving activity camera users one step closer to virtual reality content, and changing the way individuals catch and share their encounters.

The KeyMission 170, which is shockproof and waterproof, catches dynamic 170° wide-angle 4K UHD recordings and clear pictures. With instinctive interfaces and simple operating controls, even first-time action camera users can easily record activities. Adaptable shooting modes such as Superlapse Movie, Time-lapse Movie and Add Slow Motion are available for making sensational scenes of any activity.

The ultra-thin KeyMission 80 is a durable wearable camera created for quick still and film, shooting allowing users to record each moment of their activities as they occur. Featuring an exclusively created small NIKKOR lens, this compact camera provides capture of high-quality pictures. It is features a second camera containing 4.9 million effective pixels and a LCD screen for easy selfies.

The SnapBridge 360/170 application is exclusive to the KeyMission 360 and the KeyMission 170, and enables the camera's remote shooting and motion picture editing, while the KeyMission 80 supports the SnapBridge application. Both SnapBridge 360/170 application and SnapBridge application permit the camera to be continually connected with a smart devices, so that photographs shot with the camera can be consequently uploaded to a smart device.

In the meantime, Nikon has announced an extensive array of optional mounts and accessories created to push the the camera's limits over diverse adventures. For hands-free photography, the Chest Mount, Vented Helmet Strap Mount, and Surfboard Mount assure each moment is acquired. Additionally the Handy Grip is available to keep the user's body from being captured in the frame amid handheld shooting. These versatile mounts and accessories allow you to take the cameras along the toughest roads to conquer the highest peaks

Nikon Action Cameras

Nikon KeyMission 80 Action Camera
The Nikon KeyMission 80 is a rough and easy to use activity camera for day in and day out adventures.
Nikon KeyMission 170 Action Camera
Nikon KeyMission 170

Waterproof, shockproof action camera that can capture 170 ultra-wide-angle and 4K  video
Nikon KeyMission 360 Action Camera
Nikon KeyMission 360

records seamless 4K UHD 360 video format

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