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Different Types of Camcorders

Models that record on miniature DVD discs, built-in hard drives, and memory cards are becoming more common in standard-def and high-def versions.

MiniDV camcorders use a unique tape cassette. The typical recording time is 60 minutes at standard play speed, which gives you the best quality, or 90 minutes at lower quality.

DVD format offers benefits that tape can’t match: durability, compactness, and random access to scenes as with a DVD. That makes for more carefree recording, though you should avoid bumping the camcorder during use, and keep dirt out of the mechanism.

Hard Drives Camcorders that record onto tiny, built-in hard drives are even easier to use. Because the drive is internal, it’s protected. There’s no recording media to buy or carry along. Like DVDs, hard drives are random access, but they’re even faster. Many models have 30 to 120 gigabytes of capacity, providing seven to 16 hours of recording at the highest-quality mode and 25 or more hours at lower quality.

Flash Memory with digital formats using Secure Digital (SD) or Memory Stick memory cards, the amount of standard-definition video you can record at the highest quality level can vary from 15 minutes to 1 hour on 256 MB to 2 GB cards. Larger cards up to 16 GB are available.

Several manufacturers offer “hybrid” camcorders that combine a DVD or Blu-ray drive and a hard drive or memory card in one unit. The hard drive is fast and convenient for recording, while DVD or memory card storage is best for archiving or sharing videos. Another type combo model is one that offers internal and removable flash memory.

Digicams  Cameras that take video or still photographs, or both, digitally by recording images via an electronic image sensor.  

Digital Concepts Camcorders

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