Fisheye Lens - Bower 8mm f/3.5

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Ultra-wide Delivers a Rounded Perspective, Suited to Landscapes and Unusual Portraiture

Bower SLY 358 8mm f/3.5 Ultra-Wide Fisheye LensThe Bower SLY 358 8mm f/3.5 Ultra-Wide Fisheye Lens with a 180 angle of view, allows the photographer to see his subjects in unique way. This ultra-wide delivers a rounded perspective, well-suited to landscapes and unusual portraiture. It has multi-coated elements and a fixed petal-type lens hood to reduce flare and ghosting.

A fisheye lens is a wide-angle lens that takes in an extremely wide, hemispherical image. Originally developed for use in meteorology to study cloud formation and called "whole-sky lenses", fisheye lenses quickly became popular in general photography for their unique, distorted appearance. They are often used by photographers shooting broad landscapes to suggest the curve of the Earth. Hemispherical photography is used for various scientific purposes to study plant canopy geometry and to calculate near-ground solar radiation.

The first types of fisheye lenses to be developed were "circular fisheyes" lenses which take in a 180 hemisphere and project this as a circle within the film frame. Some circular fisheyes are available in orthographic projection models for scientific applications. These have a 180 vertical angle of view, and the horizontal and diagonal angle of view are also 180. Most circular fisheye lenses cover a smaller image circle than rectilinear lenses, so the corners of the frame will be completely dark.




Blown' Away... could see paying over 700

By lightcatcher74 from Traverse City, MI on 2/22/2010

Feels like the nikon 14 2.8 and quite sharp. Was sceptical, now I might have to go get their 85 1.4 If it is even close to this quality I'll be happy. I hope they start introducing more glass. I would give this 4 1/2 stars in a rating to compare with all fish-eyes ( no AF but you barley need to focus anyways).


Fisheye Lens - Bower 8mm f/3.5


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