Battery Grips (Power Grip) What's the Point

Battery Grips (Power Grip) What's the Point

A grip typically attaches to your camera body through your cameras battery compartment and uses a cassette to store extra batteries Typical battery grips also have an additional cassette letting the photographer to use multiple instances of AA batteries.

If you do photography for a living, a battery grip may be useful to you. if you're a wannabe professional, or you just want to be 'noticed' by other people as being a professional photographer, a battery grip might be that all important status symbol, but who are you relly kidding?. The design and layout of a battery grip is a through-back to the olden days of film camera motor drives. it might have been essential at one time, however this is no longer the case.

Battery grips typically fit just one or only a few particular camera editions, because they must conform to the body shape of the camera , power requirements, connectors. A power grip's primary purpose is to add to the battery capacity. while a secondary purpose is to add some controls to the grip allowing you to have similar controls available when you turn the camera to a 90 degree angle.

Another use allows you improve upon the camera ergonomics by providing more space to hold on to your camera. Some grips let you use standard AA batteries allowing you to continue to shoot images as your camera's batteries are used up.

if you preview photos in your LCD display often then that could be some rationale to add to capacity of your batteries, but otherwise it's just not necessary.

If you are not near a battery charging location it can be great to have a substitute battery power source. Battery grips let an SLR or DSLR cameras to hold extra batteries to stretch the camera's standard battery life, plus provides a vertical grip plus an additional shutter release (and perhaps other controls), assisting in the capturing of portrait photographs. 

Today's DSLR batteries are typically good for 300 to 600 photos and extra batteries are inexpensive and weight very little, why pack extra bulk and weight around.

New Article Nov 4, 2011

Ansmann Power Battery Grip for Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT & XTiAnsmann Power Battery Grip for Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT & XTi Digital Camera with Function Wheel & Car Charger The Ansmann Power Battery Grip is a powerful and versatile accessory for the Canon Digital Rebel XT or XTi camera. It replaces the standard battery source with its own built-in, rechargeable, high-capacity battery pack (non-removable). In addition, it provides a vertical grip and function wheel which makes vertical shooting as easy as horizontal shooting. The built-in rechargeable Li-Ion 3600 mAh battery eliminates the need of having to charge and carry around multiple battery clusters. The built-in battery can be used for thousands of pictures before having to be recharged. Includes a car charger as well.  Best Prices for the Ansmann Power Battery Grip for Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT & XTi
The Nikon MB-D80 Multi-Power Battery Pack holds 2 EN-EL3e Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries - effectively doubling your total shooting time or can hold a AA Battery Holder (included) so users can use AA batteries as a power backup. The MB-D80 Multi-Power Battery Pack provides an AF-on button, vertical firing release with lock and front and rear command dials.

Requires one or two EN-EL3e or six AA batteries, not included.

The Zeikos Power grip for the Nikon D90/D80The Zeikos Power grip for the Nikon D90 & D80 is the perfect solution for doubling your shooting time. It holds either 2 BP511 Lithium-Ion Rechargeable batteries or 6 AA batteries. It has a vertical firing release with a lock and dramatically improves stability

In addition, the grip includes a vertical shutter release and a mode wheel to provide easy access to all camera functions and make shooting with the camera in a vertical position just as comfortable as shooting horizontally.


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