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Porta-Brace has been making high-quality camera cases and covers, in Vermont for more than forty years. Their pride in their craftsmanship traditions and independence are represented to in the top notch, hand-crafted and innovative products that they produce. There's an artistic side Vermont craftsmen, which is most likely inspired by the beautiful normal environment. However, all great Vermont craftspeople realize that making quality products also requires diligent work, responsibility, and pride: all attributes that share a common Vermont legacy of converting raw local materials into durable products.

Alongside their dedication to quality materials and production processes, their industry-leading design group keeps on presenting more imaginative, customized camera cases and covers than any other worker (since 1972) the group at Porta-Brace unites their imaginativeness and persevering nature and consolidates them with unmatched video and sound industry experience to make the quality, innovative products that are utilized by professionals around the globe more than any other brand.

Proficient camera set-ups and configurations now range significantly in size and complexity. PortaBrace has the business experience and design expertise to adequately interpret the technical knowledge of professional and broadcast cameras into straightforward yet actually solid and continually pleasing camera case designs. The PortaBrace Shoulder Case keeps on being the centerpiece of the expert videographer's camera case portfolio. Develop your production set around the adaptable and keen PortaBrace camera case line-up. 

Blue Porta Brace BK-1NQS-M4 Backpack

Blue Portabrace BK-1NQS-M4 Backpack

Porta Brace BC-1N Backpack Camera Case
Portabrace BC-1N Backpack Camera Case (Signature Blue)
Porta Brace BK-1N Backpack
Porta Brace BK-1N Backpack (Blue)
Porta Brace BK-1NQS-M3 Backpack
Portabrace BK-1NQS-M3 Backpack (Blue)

Porta Brace BK-1NQS-M4 Backpack
Portabrace BK-1NQS-M4 Backpack (Blue)

Porta Brace BK-2BEXL Backpack Camera Case
Portabrace BK-2BEXL Backpack Camera Case

Porta Brace HK-1 Hiker Backpack Camera Case
Portabrace HK-1 Hiker Backpack Camera Case (Signature Blue)


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