X-Pro M-Mount Lens Adapter

The X-Pro M-Mount Lens Adapter was created by Fuji to broaden the lens selection for the FUJIFILM X-Pro1 digital interchangeable lens camera system, to provide photographers a wide array of shooting capabilities. Manufactured analogous to the FUJIFILM X-Pro exacting design principles, the precision constructed M-Mount Lens Adapter is manufactured to deliver outstanding results for astute photographers.

Comprised of three separate parts, The M-Mount Lens Adapter includes an aluminum body mount, a stainless steel lens mount, and a central aluminum tube. This assembly enables an accurately-sustained space of 27.8mm starting at the lens mount and on to the sensor, a crucial measurement for delivering the highest quality along with high resolution photos.

The camera plane of this M-Mount Lens Adapter contains an electronic array of connections which pass information automatically to the FUJIFILM X-Pro1 camera body based upon pre-registered camera lens profiles. Using firmware ver 1.10 or newer, this information is then transmitted by pushing the Function button mounted on the edge of the lens adapter, which lets users adjust the M-Mount Lens Adapter Settings menu found on the LCD.


While mounted, the M-Mount Lens Adapter still lets users enjoy the advantages of this FUJIFILM X-Pro1's remarkable Hybrid Multi Viewfinder. Both the LCD monitor and Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) provide a 100% field of view, while the OVF (Optical View Finder) displays a brilliant frame which corresponds to the present focal length being used.

This FUJIFILM M-Mount Lens Adapter delivers ultimate control by letting users create and regulate lens profiles using this X-Pro1's Mount Lens Adapter Settings menu. This menu lets X-Pro1 users profile as many as six lenses. There are already four pre-sets allowing for 35mm, 28mm , 24mm and 21mm lenses, plus two additional settings for optional optics.

When this Fujifilm M-Mount Lens Adapter is attached, profiles may be defined by the user, based upon distortion, color shading and peripheral illumination corrections.

Additionally three distinct distortion correction levels are available to contend with barrel distortion of wide-angle lenses, along with pincushion distortion prevelant on telephoto lenses. Users can choose from Heavy, Medium or Light correction, or easily turn any correction to off.

Peripheral illumination is available to control the amount the four corners within an image may be darkened. Eleven unique levels of correction may be used from +5 thru -5 (which also includes ?0?) allowing users the option of diming the outside corners within the image to accentuate a predominant subject or lighten the edges for more uniform lighting across the frame.

Lastly, correction of color shading allows color correction of every corner of the image frame to combat any color shift contained between the middle and the frame edges. Adjustments may be made to blue/yellow color shades and red/cyan color shades from -9 thru +9 in relation to a green channel.

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