Nikon FT-1 lens mount adapter

The biggest deal of all the accessories is the FT-1 lens mount adapter

To go along with Nikon's initial incursion into the new mirrorless camera field, Nikon has announced several new accessories to work with the V1 and J1 cameras.

The biggest deal of all the accessories is the FT-1 lens mount adapter, which lets you to mount AF-S and AF-I lenses on the Nikon 1 CX cameras. This is seriously important, as those who own Nikon lenses have the opportunity to use their existing lenses on this fresh smaller mirrorless layout. It also should provide for some interesting photography options, such as mounting a big 300mm lens on a miniature sensor to create super zoom factor.

The Nikon FT1 Lens Mount Adapter lets you to use selected legacy F Mount Nikon lenses (the ones engineered for use on the Nikon D-SLR and SLR cameras) to be mounted on the new Nikon 1 J1/V1 cameras. The Adapter is first affixed to a Nikon 1 V1 while the Nikon F lens is then joined to the adapter. The FT1 adapter will tote up 2.7 times the angle of view from the focal length of Nikon F lens being mounted.

Using the best lenses available lead to better photographs, and the FT1 Lens Mount Adapter lets you mount any DSLR Nikon lens on your new Nikon 1 camera. Mount everything From ultra wide-angles to long super-telephotos, the wider Nikon range offers unlimited potential to match a particular lens to your photography environment. And when you employ one of your AF-S or AF-I Nikon lenses, you are still fully able use the fantastic Nikon 1 autofocus arrangement.

A big potential world: engineered to allow you use any Nikon DSLR lens on your Nikon 1 CX camera, there is every potential to find a lens for your unique shooting situation or try out new imaginative ideas. Easily attached to whichever Nikon lens you select, and it easily and securely attaches to the FT1 Mount Adapter. A fixed tripod mount: provides extra stability when you are using large Nikon lenses.

Nikon FT1 Lend Mount Adapter
Nikon FT1 Lend Mount Adapter


Type Mount adapter
Supported cameras Nikon 1 interchangeable lens format digital cameras
Dimensions Approx. 61.5 x 42.5mm
Weight Approx. 150g

New Review Sep 21, 2011

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