Mount Leica R lens to Leica M Camera Adapter

Leica R lens to Leica M Camera Bodies Mounts to mount a Leica SLR lens onto a Leica M rangefinder body. These mounts are manufactured by both Novoflex or Cameraquest , although you also might be able to find a used Leica (#22228) ring. These adapters have no focus coupling, meaning focusing can only be by distance scale on the lens. You will that they work better on wider R lenses such as the 19mm-28mm R Elmarit. or the 16mm Elmarit R Fisheye

The LR to LM Cameraquest adapters finish on the interior light baffle located at the back of this mount is a glossy anodized black - this needs to be refinished with camera matt-black to diminish internal reflections.

Leica #22228 R to M adapter rings were all manufactured prior to the release of lenses with 3rd cams, meaning they do not function on R lenses with only 3rd-cams ! The reason? Later R lenses, as they just have a 3rd cam, a small collar was installed on the lens mounting ring to prevent people from attempting to mount them on older (1st cam) SL or (1 & 2 cam) SL2 R camera bodies.

It's unfortunate, but the existence of this "collar" also puts a stop to mounting these lenses on the #22228 lens adapter ring also. The sole remedy is to have a flange machined into the #22228 mount ring's front part. (not overly difficult or costly to do).

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Leica R to Leica M lens Adapter