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With the use of the Rokinon D980AFZ flash's guide number, the user is able to take photographs in a variety of different lighting conditions at up to 148 ft away from the subject matter. With this TTL flash's fully automatic mode, several different f-stops can be employed. This lets the user manually adjust the depth of field, or practice much simpler operation by letting the meter control how this Rokinon flash for Canon operates. The Rokinon D980AFZ can also be used as a wireless slave flash. In this mode, this TTL flash can be used to apply lighting from nearly any angle the photographer will require. This Rokinon flash for Canon also features a built-in diffuser and reflector panel, providing soft and even light onto the subject and smoothing out harsh shadows. With the Rokinon D980AFZ's swivel head and bounce, the photographer can produce interesting lighting effects without having to remove this flash from the camera.

Rokinon D980AFZ-N Digital TTL Power Zoom Flash

Guide # 45m / 148ft, Full automatic operation with variable f/stop setting, Auto Zoom, Bounce, Swivel Head

Rokinon D970VL TTL Electronic Flash with LED Video Light

Guide Number (ISO100/105mm) 58(m)/145 feet at 105 position
TTL auto focus, zoom

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